How to check Seattle Relief fund Application Status?

What is Seattle Relief Fund?

A $16 billion relief fund is promised to the citizens of Seattle and is meant for those who have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Those families that suffered during these times due to lack of proper funds, federal stimulus packages, health insurance, temporary or no housing facilities, and also from mental health crises are the ones who can apply for the Seattle funds.

Awards under this relief fund vary from $1000 to $3000 based on the size of the household. Applications facilities are available in eight languages. The Seattle Relief Fund is available in association with several relief fund partner organizations.

How to check Seattle relief fund application status?

The application process is closed now and decisions will be intimated from 29th November to 06th December.

  1. Follow the link provided here.
  2. Add your submission ID in the given space.
Seattle Relief fund Application
  • Press the Submit tab to confirm the application status that will show up.

Who qualifies for Seattle?

Any individual whether a resident or immigrant but above 18 years of age can apply for the funds. One of the below-given scenarios is a pre-requisite to apply for these funds.

  1. Those students who are enrolled in Seattle public schools can place their applications.
  2. Individuals must live within the Seattle city boundaries.
  3. If there is an artist who has rented either an art studio or a rehearsal center space within the borders of Seattle.
  4. If an individual is enrolled in the Seattle Promise program they too can apply for the program.
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Seattle relief fund application Benefits

The Seattle Relief Fund targets anybody who does not get appropriate benefits through any state-run schemes and plans. Applying can let you get $1000 to $3000 depending on your family size and income state.

Important Dates

Since the application process is now closed, the decision will be intimated to people from 16th November 2021 to 06th December 2021. Payments are sent after 9th December 2021 to the accounts.

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Is Seattle Relief fund Legit?

It is an absolutely legitimate program and has nothing illegitimate about it. The Seattle Relief Funds transfer can take a bit of time but there is no doubt that if you have been intimated, you will receive the money. In doubt, log into this site to know more about it.


If you are massively hit by the pandemic, and live within the boundaries of Seattle do try to apply for this relief fund. As you build yourself slowly, there will come a time when you have to begin giving back to society.

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