Secretary of State Notary Application or Check Status

What is secretary of state notary application?

The notaries are commissioned for various reasons.

  1. For making affidavits and deposits.
  2. To administer oaths and to affirm anything.
  3. To recognize deeds, mortgages, and even the power of attorney.
  4. When paying foreign or inland bills.

If you want to be part of the same group or join them, you must fill an application form. The application form requires you to pay a price and the initial application and renewal require $60. For the written exam, one must pay $15 and for altering the name and address and issuing of supplicating license, one must pay $10.

One with a felony or criminal offense cannot get to the office of the notary public. To take an oath, one must pay a total of $2.

Filling up the application is mandatory to get access. One must provide a driver’s license and state ID number. The name, address, telephone number, county, and birth date need to be specified.

Banks, law offices, and several other organizations hire notary public offices and the licensees are responsible for understanding the Notary Public Law.

Some 90 days before license expiration, one can file for its renewal. Commissioning is possible within six months from the expiry date. 

How to fill up Secretary of State Notary Application?

The State Notary application can be filled out for the state you live in. To do so, you must submit the filled-up application form to that particular department of State, Licensing Division Services. The application form can be downloaded from the given location.  Some states provide the facility to fill out the application online like the state of Michigan. You must check which mode of application is promoted by your State.

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What are the Requirements?

Various requirements are to be fulfilled for the Secretary of State Notary application.

  1. One needs to submit the Department of State Notary application.
  2. One must pass the state notary public examination.
  3. One must be a citizen of that particular state wherever the applicant thinks of applying.

How to check the Application Status?

You can call their call center numbers and also check the status online for those states that provide an online mode of application status check.

Add your confirmation number and click on the search tab to get the current status.

How long does the application Process take?

Once you submit the application, it either takes one to two weeks and a maximum of 14 days is what is required for processing the application after an applicant has submitted it.


If you want to get into the notary public office, you must apply first but before you apply, you must read this blog for essential information and then get on with your application process.

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