Sensa Online Application – How to do Registration in Sensa

The population of Tanzania is being scrutinized and for this purpose, they are in need of clerks and supervisors. If you are adequately educated, in search of a job, apply for the Sensa clerical and supervising options.

The United Republic of Tanzania is planning to recruit clerk supervisors for the people & housing census in 2022. The census will be held on 23rd August 2022 and a total of 205000 clerk supervisors will be recruited for this purpose.

The guidelines for the employment of clerk supervisors are being made in collaboration with the National Bureau of Statistics and the Chief Statistician of Zanzibar. The public announcement for the position is yet to be made.

How to do Registration on Sensa?

To start the application, you must first register yourself with the website. Sensa registration involves filling up a simple form. The form will have the following columns that will have to be filled.

  • First and last name
  • Email and phone number
  • Date of the birth, highest level of education done
  • Examination number of form four and test number
  • Requested position and phone number
  • NIDA number & National Identification Number
  • Area must be chosen including their province, district, council, state, ward, Kata and village number must also be added.

In the next segment, you have to add the sponsor information like

  • The name of the first, second, & third sponsor
  • Email and phone number of the first, second and third sponsors.

Add attachments like the Form Four certificate, birth certificate, and another appendix form to complete the application.

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How to Apply for Sensa online Application?

To apply for the Sensa online application, you will have to take the following steps.

Apply by filling up the application form present in the given link.

Sensa online application
Sensa online application 2022

Fill in the rest of the information and complete the form by submitting it.

Sensa Application Requirements

The application will require the following information to go into it.

  1. You must have your educational documents to submit with the application form.
  2. Add your Form Four certificate.
  3. Include your birth certificate
  4. Append the other appendix forms with your application

Who is Eligible?

To get this job, you must fulfill the following eligibilities.

  1. You must be a Tanzanian by birth.
  2. Your age must match their age requirements.
  3. Employees who will be recruited should not have any kind of criminal background.
  4. NIDA number
  5. A passport size photograph

Benefits of Sensa Application

Where jobs are scarce, any opportunity for employment can create a positive environment. Primarily there are three benefits a person can seek from these jobs.

  1. If you have this job, you will earn for that number of days.
  2. You will also gain experience in this sector.
  3. If there is any further need, people who served earlier will be prioritized.


The Sensa jobs are for Tanzanian youths and with the rising population, jobs are hard to fetch. In such times, working in this segment can bring in money to unemployed individuals thus stirring the economy on a positive level. Read about the process of application and registration here to understand better about it.

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