Shein Ambassador Application – Here is How to Become

Most companies are nowadays promoting affiliate marketing benefits and many people claim to be earning well from them. If you also want to enter the affiliate marketing programs, you must find out which kind of affiliate marketer you can become based on the number of followers you have.

Next, find out the niche you want to do affiliate marketing for. Once you have decided, find out the top players of affiliate marketing in that niche. For those of you, who choose clothing and apparel, try Shein which pays well for affiliates as well as brand ambassadors of their products.

Shein is a women’s clothing brand and is capable of offering clothing that can be afforded by all. As the brand grows, Shein offers affiliate marketing provisions for anyone who has a sizeable social media platform.

To leverage your social media account, become a Shein ambassador. But before becoming an influencer for Shein, you must know that micro-influencers are what Shein prefers having for their brand.

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Shein Ambassador Application Online Process

To apply for the Shein Ambassador Program, you must follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website of Shein and sign up with them for an account. Login or register to start your Shein Ambassador application.
Shein Ambassador Program
  • Add if you are a company or an individual trying to fill up the application form.
Fill information Shein Program
  • Include details about yourself like your name, PayPal account details, targeted promotional market, and type.
Fill information Shein Ambassador program
Apply for Shein ambassador program
  • Confirm the Privacy Policy before clicking the Submit tab to complete the application process.
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Read policy Shein
Terms Shein Ambassador program

What are the application requirements?

To participate in the Shein Ambassador program, you must fulfill the following application requirements.

  1. To qualify you must be enrolled in any of the colleges in the United States if you are applying from the States.
  2. If you wish to be added to the referral program, acknowledge and accept that you are not in any way connected to Shein or its affiliates.
  3. You must pay regular taxes to the Federal government from the money that you earn from the affiliate program.
  4. Your blog should have no less than 10, 000 followers.

Who is Eligible?

For being a Shine Ambassador, your eligibility conditions will include fulfilling the following conditions;

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for the Shein Ambassador Affiliate program.
  2. To apply for Shein Ambassador Program, you must have a work permit within the confines of the United States.

Shein Ambassador Benefits

The Shein Ambassador benefits will include the following advantages:

  • Each of your referred sales will entitle you to a 10-20% commission.
  • A monthly cash bonus will come to you if you share promotions.
  • Profitable activities will include banner updates and the addition of coupons.
  • Your cookie duration will be for 30 days.
  • Newsletters intimations for new activities and promotions.


Is Shein an American based company?

No, it is a Chinese company headquartered in Nanjing and its founder is Chris Xu.

How to be a Shein brand ambassador?

Create an account with Shein and fill out the brand ambassador form to get into the Shein Ambassador program.


Here’s a bit on how you can become a Shein ambassador and if you want to become one, read all that is given here.

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