How do I become brand ambassador for Shein?

Shein is a women’s fashion brand that provides wonderful fashionable clothing to individuals who love to dress in style. It is a brand everyone can afford easily, and those who like to use their social media accounts for extra income can do so by connecting with their Shein Ambassador program.

It makes no difference what you do because you can be a Shein ambassador while studying at any of the approved academic institutions. Basically, you will work as a social media influencer, which will also serve as an income source for you.

But not everyone with a social media account can become an ambassador. To become one, you will need to know that there are five types of Shein ambassador accounts: nano, micro, mid-tier, macro, and celebrity influencer accounts.

Shein will not accept nano-influencers but only micro-influencers and other higher ones. If you have more than five thousand influencers, you can start working with Shein for some extra bucks. From day one, you cannot start asking for six- to seven-figure amounts, but it can add value to your income levels. With COVID, a lot has changed around the way people earn or think of earning. Seeing it as a side hustle right out of college will only take you one step ahead.


You can work with Shein if you have a YouTube account with more than 5000 to 250,000 subscribers, or Instagram followers in the range of 2500 to 10000. Also, TikTok accounts with 5000–50,000 followers can send in their applications for the Shein ambassador program.

Anyone can send them a pitch and earn those extra bucks. Once you’ve submitted your pitch, they’ll look over your account to see if it’s worth their time.If they find it to suit their needs, they will go ahead and sign a deal with you, mentioning the amount they will pay you and when.

To become a Shein ambassador, you must first understand what you require.

  • You will need an active blog and a working social media account. The Google blog or Activate blog should have more than 1,000 followers.
  • Social media accounts like Instagram should have more than 5,000 followers each.
  • The promotion icon from Shein is a must, and the badge should be like a stamp on your blog’s front.
  • Shein products will have to be flashed on your social media accounts at all times.
  • If you have already published content, show them the material and quality that you have published.
  • In return, once you become a social media influencer for them, you are giving them the right to use your social media account for their publicity purposes.


Eligibility is determined by the number of followers or subscribers you have in your account rather than the work you do.

  • Shein will only connect with micro and higher level influencers and will rarely consider a nani influencer.
  • Your pitch needs to be attractive enough for the people who follow it.
  • In the pitch, mention the brand value you will bring to them.
  • Provide your strategies for posts and feature articles.
  • Agree to tag them with each post and article that you compose.
  • Once you have made a post, you have to agree to send the post to [email protected].
  • You need to be at least 18 years old if you wish to apply for the Shein Ambassador Program.
  • Current enrollment in an organisation is a must to get chosen, and you must carry work authorization in the United States.
  • A referral commission programme and the 1099 Form must be acknowledged and approved.
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How to apply for Shein ambassador application?

To apply for the ambassador program, you must complete all of the steps listed below.

  • First, start by clicking on the link given here and then click on the Apply yellow tab. The application is open from the first to the twentieth of every month.
Shein ambassador
  • You need to register an account with them, and your online account can be reached by using a proper username and password.
Sign in Shein
  • Add your email, password, and style preference, and then move on to agree with the terms and conditions. Once you complete your registration process, you will move on to the next segment, where you will have to enter the required information.

You will receive the Shein ambassador coupons and a confirmation mail, which you have to acknowledge. Once you acknowledge it, you will be able to accept the coupons that you will receive for yourself.

How do I become brand ambassador for Shein?

To become an ambassador of Shein, here is what you will need to have within yourself.

  • A social media account and a Google blog are essential.
  • You must then find out from Shein the number of followers you need to have on your blog and social media pages to get into their ambassador program.
  • Send them a pitch or fill out their online application, available on their site, between the first and twentieth of each month.
  • The pitch will tell them a lot about the plan you wish to make to promote their products.
  • They will go through your blog and social media links to find out if you are the right fit for them. Those who are a good fit should receive a confirmation email from them stating that they have been accepted into their program.
  • Apart from the perks, they will also mention the way in which they wish to promote their products through your page.

How to register for Shein Affiliate Program?

  • If you are new to Shein, you will have to create an account for yourself and if you are a returning ambassador enter all your Shein login details here to start your application process.
Register account Shein

Click on the register tab to complete the registration process. Post clicking the Register tab, you will receive an email to while you must acknowledge activating your account.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Shein have ambassadors?

Yes, Shein hires ambassadors each and every year. If you wish to join their ambassador program, you need to apply for it by sending them a suitable pitch.

How do I contact Shein for collaboration?

To contact Shein for collaboration, you must write to [email protected].

You do not have any other details other than our pitch for contacting them at Shein.

Is there an affiliate program for Shein?

Yes, there is an affiliate program available from Shein for those who wish to become its ambassadors.

How do you collab with Shein on Instagram?

If you wish to become a Shine Instagram influencer, you must find a way to become either an affiliate influencer for them or an ambassador for them. Those who want to collaborate with them will need to have a blog and several social media handles where they can publicise Shein’s work. Once you start as a Shein ambassador, you can reach out to your public through your Instagram handle if that is the only social media profile you have.


Here’s all about Shein and its ambassador programme details. If you wish to find out more about Shein and how the programme works, you must read this post on Shein and how the programme works, you must read this post. The best part of the Shein ambassador programme is that it can support people monetarily, as each of your followers purchasing through Shine’s platform with your reference will help you earn 15%–20% commission per sale.

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