Sacramento Housing Authority Program [2024] SHRA Program

The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) is sharing emergency rental assistance with those who need it. Especially during the pandemic, there are a lot of SHRA funds released over time to mitigate the risks of people losing a home. With COVID-19 around, they have received almost 13000 applications for the Sacramento Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The rental reliefs being provided are huge and there are 99.8 million dollars in balance even if these 13000 applications were given help.

To get their aid, you must fill out the application form for your desired waiting list.

How to do registration on the application?

To do the registration for SHRA program, you will have to sign up button to complete the process first.

SHRA Program

Step 1: Enter your email address, and password of a minimum of 8 characters, and then re-enter the password to confirm it. The below-mentioned screen applies to those who are already on some waiting lists but if you are not on any of your waiting lists then you need to press the click here to register tab for SHRA program.

SHRA funds

Step 2: Add the details in these screen spaces that you are provided with.

Sacramento Housing Authority

Step 3:  Press the Sign-up button and complete the process of SHRA registration.

How to login in Application?

If you want to login, here’s what you must do.

Add your email ID and password and then complete the sign-in process.

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Housing Subsidy System

SHRA program waiting lists

To apply with the Sacramento Housing Authority waiting lists, you will have to click on the given link and choose from the several available options.

Housing Subsidy System SHRA

Step 1: There are numerous waiting lists like the housing choice voucher, public housing, homeless innovations, and affordable housing. Under each of these heads, there are many more subdivisions like the;

  1. Housing Choice voucher is divided into waiting lists and referrals which again can be sub-divided into;
  1. Project-based and
  2. Tenant-based options.
  • Under Public Housing, there is the city waiting list and county waiting list.
  • Homeless Innovations include Shelter programs and Shelter Plus Care programs.

Under Shelter Plus Care Programs, you have two sub-headings including project-based and tenant-based shelter care programs.

  • Affordable Housing is divided into the Affordable Housing waiting list and the moderate rehab waiting list.
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Step 2: Whichever option you choose, you must click on the option, and then once you scroll down, you can see the application where you must click on the Apply tab.

Step 3: Once you press the Apply tab, you need to first add some basic information like the social security number of the household head, birth date, and complete name of the applicant.

SHRA program

Step 4: Add the general information, demographics, and other details. Include your mailing address, including your state and ZIP code details. Include your race, gender, and ethnicity in the next screen. Add income-related details, rent details, and also all about the family members. Add details about your children in the given segments.

online SHRA application
online application
how to apply

Add details about your family members, and your children along with your disability accommodations, veteran status, homeless, or displacement status.

After confirming the details press the Submit tab to complete the application process.

SHRA Program Benefits

SHRA program uses the Housing Subsidy System (HSS) to draw verifications on the applicant’s IDs. Beneficiaries will also be verified using their own tenant databases for the application process.

Different processes are put in place to ensure the right one benefits from it. The system will verify your tenant and landlord lease agreement, also if the landlord had boarded the COVID-19 policy. There also needed to be appropriate payment arrangements in place and social housing landlords need to conduct an assessment of the available means with the tenants.

The tenants and the landlords benefit almost 15-18 months of rent assistance from them. This is the period when people can actually get a job or find ways of income to fit into the present scenario. The aid comes up preventing the eviction of householders and families. Even if someone is on the verge of eviction and does get approved for the amount, they can prevent it from being evicted.


If you are from Sacramento, California, and get into difficult situations, do consider using this guide to understand more about the SHRA program benefits. The application includes housing and rental assistance for people who need help.

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