SITESA Scholarship 2024 Application (Complete guide)

There are many students who wouldn’t receive their education if they do not receive scholarship. They are the lifeline of many students and each country has their own set of scholarship programs. Most of these programs are responsible for planning around education system, capacity development, and coordination of tertiary education system. These systems are responsible for incentive distribution and also making adequate arrangements for the students covering different aspects of education. Even Solomon Islands have their own scholarship program under the SITESA Act in 2019.

How to Apply for SITESA scholarship 2023 application?

What is SITESA Scholarship?

In Solomon Islands, students too can avail of scholarships under the (Solomon Islands Tertiary Education and Skills Authority) SITESA Act established in 2019.  Through their National Scholarship Division (NSD), and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD), gives off scholarships to deserving students.

There will be an opportunity open for 1000 applicants whose application will go through the scheme’s rigorous selection process. The award amounts will completely cover the cost of the degree in which they enroll themselves. Every detail around the SITESA scholarship is mentioned in the application form. The application form is available in the given link. Scholarship application is invited for undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate courses. Through the scholarship program, the government of Solomon Island will be able to raise a capable population required for its growth and development.

Who is Eligible for SITESA scholarship application?

Eligibility requirements for the SITESA scholarship will include the following;

  1. You must be a citizen of the Solomon Islands.
  2. Meeting the minimum qualification requirements is a must.
  3. If you hold another scholarship, you will not be eligible for it.
  4. Once you complete your degree, you must return to Solomon Islands for two years.
  5. Students who want to be in the scholarship must keep up with their grades.
  6. You must be a honest and a law abiding citizen and must be involved in any criminal activity.
  7. Notify if you are currently employed.
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What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the SITESA scholarship include the information given here.

  1. A recent passport size photograph for SITESA application.
  2. Include your birth certificate, graduation or post graduation certificate, academic results or transcripts, vaccination card, and a spouse attested support letter.
  3. You CV is a must for in-service scholarships and your job description and your signed endorsement from the employer.

SITESA scholarship 2024 application?

Application process for SITESA will include the following;

  • Visit the official portal
  • Include username, password and email address and add your photo ID details.
  • Add your family name, and given name, gender, marital status, province of origin and also constituency. Further, create new account for SITESA.
  • After registering an account, you must start the application process by filling the application online. 
  • Include your personal information, education related details and employment details in the available segments to complete the application form.
  • You will also have to produce your family’s income certificates to help the government officials ascertain your needs.


All the costs of your education get covered by the SITESA application process. Those students who cannot afford enough funds to continue their studies forward can apply for the scholarship if they are Solomon Island students.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Application Deadline?

The last date of the SITESA scholarship application will be 30th November 2022. The opening date for the scholarship was 14th September 2022.

How to check SITESA Application Status?

You will have to login to the SITESA application portal using the username and password and then move to the application status to find more about the application process.


If you want to find out more about the SITESA application details, you can check this article. For Solomon Islanders, this is a unique opportunity to grab and students can use the money to create a bright future for them.
The online application form can be saved and returned to whenever the applicant wants within the application period.

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