SIV Application Form Requirements & Check Status Online

What is SIV application?

The Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) programs are put in place for all those translators and other fragments of the Afghanistan population who have helped the US forces in any way. Those who were helping the US-run a potential risk from the Taliban’s capturing of Afghanistan.

SIV is for those officials who have worked as translators, interpreters, and in other important positions appointed by or on behalf of the US government in Afghanistan or Iraq.

how to SIV application online status check

How do I apply for SIV application?

There are two SIV programs available to those placed in Afghanistan. The SI and the SQ Visa Class categories are open for application. However, it would be important to note that under the SI Visa scheme only 50 visas are sanctioned for the translators under Section 1059 of the National Defense Authorization Act. But under the SQ there are almost 4000 open Visa applications under Section 602(b) of the Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009.

The application process can be split into three segments- collecting initial petition documents, additional family record collection, and scheduling a Visa interview.

For the SQ visa applications, there is an additional round which is an application that has to be made to the Chief of Mission for approval with the State Department.

There are a few steps that you will need to cover and to fulfill a step goes through the detailed instructions provided in the link;

  1. A petition has to be filed with USCIS.
  2. Do your VISA application preparation
  3. Face the VISA interview
  4. The arrival in the United States has a few formalities.
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Is SIV program still available?

Yes, currently it is open for people living in Afghanistan. In the wake of the Taliban’s siege of the country, the VISA applications have been opened for those who have been major contributors and aides for the US government sanctioned there.

What are the requirements?

Different steps of the SIV application require different sorts of paper works. Once all your papers works are complete, you can easily apply for the SIV. In the above-mentioned links, the requirements of various steps are mentioned separately.

How to siv application status check?

Once your application reaches NVC, you will be sent an e-mail with further instructions. Those with approved petitions if have not received any intimation from NVC can contact the officials by email NVC at [email protected] or call 1-603-334-0828. NVC customer service representatives are available from 07:30 am until midnight. 

siv application email

The application email for Afghans right now is, [email protected].


The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan poses a direct threat for the interpreters, translators, low-level clerks, and other officials who aided the US mission in the country.

A safe passage to a new life is being guaranteed by the US to those who are uncomfortable living under the Taliban regime.

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