SNRHA Housing Application (Requirements, Eligibility & Process)

Housing is an issue that has welled up over the past few years for almost every country. People have a tough time finding themselves and their families a suitable home where they can live their lives in peace. To help each of these groups different governments have come up with several arrangements.

Those who are in the different states of America have various government-funded schemes running year-round to find people a suitable home. To meet the requirements of Southern Nevada, the government is taking different measures.

One of the measures is the SNHRA scheme that is run in the southern Nevada region. Known as the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNHRA), the public agency is creating housing at a subsidized rate for low and moderate-income groups, individuals, and families.

Currently, the waitlist is on for those seeking housing and SNHRA will advertise such waiting list open positions through local newspapers and post notices. These announcements are done each time the waitlist opens and closes. SNRHA is the 32nd largest public housing authority in the United States and does work to provide housing facilities to many within the state of Southern Nevada.

People who wish to apply for the housing scheme must file the SNHRA application first to start with.

Simple Steps to apply for SNRHA Application

To apply for the SNHRA application, you must follow these steps as given here.

  • There are three separate login provisions with SNHRA- applicant, resident, and landlord login.
  • Firstly, visit and then follow the below given steps.
  • If you are an applicant, you can apply by visiting the given website and then tapping on the “Applicant login” page
  • The Residents can log in by tapping on the “Resident Login” given at the top right corner of the website
  • The Landlord login is possible by clicking on the “Landlord Login”
  • If you do not have an account, you must complete the site registration by clicking on the Register tab.

For the Landlord and the Resident login page, you can use the registration code that comes on your mobile number.

For new applicants, the registration code might not be available. In this case, you can log in without the registration code.

SNHRA application
Online SNHRA form
  • Once you register, applying for a house means adding information on these few essential segments.
  • Personal details like your name, contact details, SSN (social security number), and a government-approved tax ID.
  • Add your financial details to help the authorities calculate your need based on your annual income.
  • Include all the aid funds you receive alongside all the liabilities you have within a family structure.
  • Enter your invested, taxable, and non-taxable fund details.
  • Press on the Submit tab to complete the SNRHA application process.
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What are the SNRHA application Requirements?

The requirements for the SNRHA application include the following;

  • Your application should include the total household income of all your working family members.
  • Every applicant in your home must be a permanent resident or legal citizen of the United States.
  • To avail of the benefits, no one in your family should have a criminal record.
  • Those of you currently forcibly displaced or homeless will see a prioritization of your application request.
  • Your family income cannot exceed 50% of the median income of your locality. Out of the available vouchers, 75% of them are for those whose income does not exceed 30% of the median income.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible candidates of your family must fulfill these criteria.

SNRHA Application Benefits

The application benefits of the SNRHA Housing Choice Voucher Program include;

  1. On the first of every month, you will a guaranteed monthly payment as a direct deposit.
  2. Over the money, the applicant will retain complete control.
  3. Landlords can take a security deposit, utilize their lease, and screen tenants to meet your tenant requirements.
  4. As landlords, you can go for free annual inspections to work towards the upkeep of their property.
  5. By participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program, you will be helping low-income families with their housing.


How to check SNRHA Application Status?

Access the ShareRent Café of SNRHA to find out your application status once your name is uploaded to the waiting list.

SNRHA Application stopped working-What to do?

If the SNRHA site is under maintenance, you will get intimation on their app as well as on their website.

But if there is some default issue on your end, you must find out the reason by inspecting and finding out the real reason behind it.

  1. Check if you have the right cable connections to ensure there are no disconnections or connection-related problems.
  2. Next, move ahead to check your internet connectivity issue for the maintenance of your SNRHA website.
  3. Restart your device to check if there is any glitch of any kind in it.
  4. Finally, if everything on your end seems fine, call up their tech support team to confirm the reason for the website not working.


SNRHA websites will give you housing options but it can be delayed and might take up to 6 months to get home from them. If you are currently homeless or forcibly removed, your application will get prioritized. Read more about the SNRHA housing facilities from this article if you plan to apply for it.

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