Speedway Credit Card Application Online – Are You Eligible?

People who fill up at the Speedway gas stations have more to benefit from the credit card. If a Speedway credit card is there with a person, you can achieve a lot of benefits, rewards, also discounts, and other offers on the credit card.

The credit card makes filling up at the gas station fun and gives others an option to also fill their pockets. Usually, one can apply online for a credit card so that way one need not go anywhere for it. However, if you want, you can also apply for it in any of the gas stations that you frequent.

Steps for Speedway Credit Card Application Online

Applying for the Speedway credit card needs you to go through the following process.

Step 1: If you want to apply for a Speedway credit card, you need to click on the provided link i.e. https://www.firstbankcard.com/common/dynamicapp/personalbanker/speedway/mc/

Speedway credit card

Step 2: The next step in the process includes choosing the credit card of your choice. There are two options to choose from.

Speedway credit card online

Step 3: Once you have selected your credit card type, you can move to the next screen wherein you have to fill up a form that includes adding the below-mentioned information.

  • Your name includes your initial, middle and last name.
  • Residential address including street name and number, city, state, and ZIP code alongwith the email address in the first half of the application form.
Speedway credit card apply

Step 4: Next add your primary phone number and also business phone number in the last section before moving to the next phase.

Speedway credit card application

Step 5: In the next screen add your current employer’s name and gross annual income with the monthly rent/mortgage due. Specify your house status and also the number of years you have spent on the address.

online application process

Step 6: The last part of the application form needs you to fill in the social security number, birth date, and the mother’s maiden name.

online apply here

Review the application in the next segment and then read the terms and conditions, further, submit the application form by clicking on the link.

application requirements

What are Speedway credit card application requirements?

Requirements for the Speedway credit card application requirement include the fulfillment of the following conditions.

  1. One needs to be a US citizen or a legal resident of the United States.
  2. You must be a major in your state so that way you can apply for a credit card.
  3. As an applicant, you need to have a proper US residential address that is not just a PO Box address but is a detailed one.
  4. You need to have an SSN (social security number) and an ID card that is issued by the government and acts as a photo identity card.
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Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for the credit card if you meet their eligibility needs.

  • While applying, you must be able to show your regular annual income source and your monthly/annual earnings.
  • You must not be pending dues from the Federal government and you must not be a declared defaulter of any sort.
  • While applying your credit score should match with their requirements and you must at least have a credit score of 700 to get the credit card.
  • It reports to credit bureaus so the credit card is ideal for building up a credit score.

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There are several pros of the credit card that work in favor of the card.

  • The credit card offers a zero annual fee so that way it does not burden you at all.
  • After your account opens up with them, if you can spend $500 within the first three billing cycles, you can land up 25000 points from them.
  • Every dollar spent in any center other than theirs will get you 10 points as the credit card is capable of acceptance in any of the places where a MasterCard is accepted.


Some cons work for credit card.

  • You have a variable APR score ranging from 21.74% to 27.74% for purchases and on the transfer of balance; your APR score is 21.74% to 27.74%.
  • Cash advance APR is fixed at 25.24%.
  • The foreign transaction fee is 3% for the credit card.
  • Point values are extremely low in terms of dollars and owe you $0.0008 on average.

You need good credit scores to apply for a credit card.


Can you use a Speedway credit card anywhere?

Yes, the Speedway credit card can be used anywhere a MasterCard is accepted.

Who issues Speedway credit card?

The Speedway credit card is issued by the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO).

Does Speedway gas take credit cards?

Yes, any VISA or MasterCard is accepted at the Speedway gas units.


If you are planning to build a credit score, you can use this credit card to create it for yourself. The credit card helps those who take gas from them regularly. It can also benefit you if you are not a regular customer of Speedway; however, the profits you carry forward from the credit card are less compared to the profits you receive from Speedway with their card.

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