Stratford Housing Authority Registration process & Eligibility

The US Housing and Urban Department (HUD) offer housing and rental assistance. Very low income groups can get ample help from the government. To get the benefits, very low income groups must register their household’s details with the Section 8 housing schemes. Individuals are given a waitlist slot and as a person rises up the slot, they become entitled to gain the Housing Choice Voucher Program assistance.

The waitlist allotment is completed in a year’s time and every nine month after the cycle begins again. The Housing Authority is a quasi public corporation. Currently, they have 514 elderly and family apartments and offer Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) to more than 281 families. They are also responsible for managing more than 1,100 apartments in the greater Bridgeport area.

How to apply for Stratford Housing Authority?

To apply for the Stratford Housing Authority, you must proceed through the below steps.

  • Click on the link to start the Stratford Housing Authority online application.
  • In the next step, add the first and last name and then the social security number.
Stratford Housing Authority Online Application
  • Keep adding your income details, family details and your requirements carefully.
  • Also incorporate any documents you need to add up.
  • Once done, go ahead and submit the application form.

What are the eligibility criteria/ requirements one needs to fulfill?

You will need to fulfill the following requirements for taking up a house with the Stratford Housing Authority.

  • Include the names of those who are going to live with you.
  • Incorporate current address and other contact.
  • You must let them know about your previous and current landlord.
  • Income details must be added and it must be done through your tax documents and W2 documents.
  • Add bank details to talk more of the monetary situation.
  • Your household income must fall in the limits specified by HUD which is 80% of the local median income.
  • One needs to be an American citizen or have valid immigrant documents.
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What are the terms and benefits of Stratford Housing Authority?

You can go through the different terms and benefits of Stratford Housing Authority;

· Your house will have a kitchen, toilet, and single bedroom, electric hot water, lounge wall heater, small lockable storage cupboards in the back porch, and mesh security doors at every home.

· Units will have car ports.

· Fences, car parking, wall and floor covering, stoves, telephone jacks and lawns and garden facilities are also available with people.

· You can go for rent geared to income, housing stability bank, rent support programs, affordable rental housing, and home ownership facilities.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Contact details for Stratford Housing.

You can either call 519-271-3773 or 1-800-669-2948 for details. Querying them or confirming with them is easy through a telephonic conversation with them.

What is the maximum rent Section 8 will pay?

Section 8 will pay almost sixty percent and the maximum a tenant needs to pay will not be more than 40 percent of the adjusted monthly income.


Section 8 housing works best if you have the time to wait. If you can’t wait, you can request them as homeless people can get some leverage with them. The waiting list is generally long and it can take a minimum of a year to get you a stable home. You can continue in the same structure if you keep earning under the normal limits. But if your income goes higher, you might have to leave this facility and move to a better private home facility.

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