How to Change Student Finance Application or Cancel it?

Students in the United Kingdom can get around with student financing easily. Ask for maintenance, study grants or loans within 9 months from the course for which you applied.

Student financing is possible for 2021 to 2022 and 2022 to 2023. However, the application process differs for the ones from Scotland, Wales, and also Northern Ireland.

What is Student Finance Application?

Student loans are given by student financing companies and are in place to support the financial needs of students enrolled in the United Kingdom. The funding is offered for postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

Those who apply for tuition fees, as well as maintenance loans, can apply online. But those who apply for the tuition fees alone can download the application form and fill it thereby sending it off to the authorities by post.

The maintenance loans cover the food, lodging, and book costs whereas the tuition fee and other college expenses are covered by the tuition fees.

Who is Eligible?

There are three types of students who can apply for student finances and including the following types.

  • If they are a UK national or have settled somewhere in the UK or have an EU passport with five years of residential status in the United Kingdom can apply under the home category and can submit application for both maintenance and tuition fees.
  • Migrant workers with an EU passport with a family member or themselves working in the UK for at least three months before the start of the course can apply for both tuition fees and maintenance fees.
  • If a student does not meet any of these essential requirements but holds an EU passport can send in their applications for tuition fees.
  • You must be enrolled in a course that gives you the option to opt for the student’s finances.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for Student Finances include the following;

  • Include your identity proof like your passport details and so on.
  • Add your financial details like the income details and proofs along with the National Insurance Number and details about the family members.
  • Unearned income details can also be sent like tax return details.
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How to change student finance application?

There are several kinds of changes that will need to be dealt differently for a student finance application.

Changes to reportHow to report
For course alterations
Repetition of a year
Marital status alteration
Tuition fee amount changes
Changed your address
Try the online account for going with the Student Finance England
For changing your name and marital statusWrite a letter using your custom reference number, and evidence of the change (marriage certificate, absolute decree and name change deed). Sign and date the application Submit online or to the address: Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington, DL1 9HJ.
Household income changesGo online for rectifying the household income If the household income lowers by 15% than the tax year for which they submitted the details
If the family gets a new childIf they have more children currently, they can inform

How to change university on student finance?

Your online account is enough for you to go ahead and change the university, college or course.

To alter the information, this is how you do it;

  1. Login to your online account and then choose the application you wish to alter.
  2. Move to the summary page and to make an alteration, click on the view and manage your application tab.
  3. Click on the Change your application tab and choose the University/college/course tab to alter it.
  4. Type the name of the new University and confirm the year of your change.
  5. Review the changes and submit them for alterations.

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How to cancel a Student finance application online?

To cancel the Student Finance application online, use the below steps;

  1. Once you login to the application, you will have to click on cancel my application tab.
  2. Answer questions for wanting to cancel the application and also read about the implications.
  3. Fill in the cancellation form with details.
  4. Check if you have any balance that has to be paid.
  5. Press the cancel tab to remove your application details

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I cancel my student finance application and start again?

If you decide to defer studies, you can surely go ahead and cancel the application. When you decide to go ahead with the Student Finance program again, you can then fill in the application.

How long does student Finance take to process?

The student finance application can take as long as six weeks for processing. Apply as early as possible even with a conditional offer so that you can alter or cancel it if there is a change in your plans even before they go ahead with your application.


Student financing is a basic facility that the UK government brings for its citizens. If you wish to go ahead with the application, you must know that to be eligible for both the tuition fee as well as the maintenance fee you will need to show your details about your staying in the UK for a stipulated span of time.

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