Student Loan Cancellation Application – Who Qualifies for it?

COVID-19 was essentially cancelled for many and the sum that is supposedly going for cancellation is $10, 000. There are almost two of three students who depend on student loans to complete their studies. What usually is a simple loan process whereby students take up the loan for their study period and then give it off when they graduate or eventually. With the COVID-19 splurge, this gateway got impacted and more and more students are struggling to find a way for giving out their loans.

What is cancellation of debt student loan?

There was an announcement made by President Joe Biden whereby relief was wished on the way of the students buried under loans. A straight $10,000 is being excused by the Federal government keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in view.

There will be cancellation in the form of loan forgiveness and discharges altogether. Even though for each student, the relief is not too big but for the nation, it will be worth a lot. This huge deduction will surely add up to the inflation rate in the country as most economists predict when the activity begins.

Current high-income debtors might get a lesser breather. It is also decided that borrowers will no longer have until next January. Alongside this, a new proposal is also on the way to build up a more income-driven repayment plan.

Who qualifies for student loan cancellation?

Qualifying for the loan means keeping an eye on your credit cards and bills that generate from your account. Those who have a high earning source cannot be forgiven for the loan amount. That said, the question arises as to who will be those students who can qualify for the loan cancellation. The list is also out that states who all can qualify for the student loan cancellation.

  1. Single individuals who earn below $125, 000 qualify.
  2. Married couples or joint tax filers as well as the household head will qualify if their earnings are less than $250,000.
  3. Your income in 2020 and 2021 will make you eligible and yet your 2022 income will not be taken into consideration.
  4. With a similar income and with a Pell grant on the head, you will qualify for an extra $10,000 cancellation.
  5. Those loans that were taken after 30th June this year are not eligible for loan cancellation.
  6. Private loans and F.E.E.L loans (not eligible for payment pause) do not qualify the cancellation.
  7. If you did not finish your degree, you are still eligible for cancellation.

What are Application Requirements?

The application requirements for student loan cancellation will mean fulfilling the following conditions.

  1. Stay in touch with your loan servicer as this person will have all first-hand information about the loans
  2. Keep your email address, phone number and postal address updated on the site.
  3. Your income proofs can be kept ready for the past two year’s details.
  4. A tax return if submitted meanwhile with the right income information will serve as proof enough.
  5. Your employer details must also be submitted for the span of these two previous years.
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How to Apply for student loan cancellation application?

The application for the student loan cancellation will be available in some days maybe by the end of December. In the application, there will be the following details will be asked.

  1. Personal information including name and other details.
  2. Educational details
  3. Professional details
  4. Loan-related information must also get in it.

There might be some other details that must be necessary but right now there is no way to know until the form is out.

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How does student loan cancellation work?

Once you will send in your applications, they will be matched with your income tax details. Your income requirements will be verified and also your other details will be taken into consideration. After they confirm back, the student loan cancellation team will get back to you stating if they will pardon your loans.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Would student loan cancellation include parent plus loans?

Yes, the student loan cancellation will include the parent plus loans also. There are almost 3.6 million holders of Parent Plus loans and they are eligible for $10,000 student loan cancellation under the White House plan. Federal loans taken by parents to support children’s education are pardonable and follow their income threshold.

Will student loan cancellation be based on income?

According to the American Rescue Plan Act 2021, the loan forgiveness will not be taxable in 2021 as it was halted from 2021 to 2025 due to the COVID-19 pandemic for income driven repayment program models.

Will student loan cancellation increase inflation?

Yes, the cancellation of student loans will lead to an increased inflation within the country. It will nowhere be near the deflation zone when there are more and more people filing for student loan cancellation.

Is student loan cancellation only for federal loans?

Federal loans will go for loan forgiveness and loan discharge options and not private loans under any circumstances. The $10,000 student loan cancellation is only aimed at Federal loans and will not be aimed at any other loan type.

Conclusion Federal loans are on the heads of many students with an estimated two third of all students graduating from the US having loans on their heads. This action will bring some relief to the people even though President Joe Biden has pardoned only $10,000 as opposed to the expected $50,000.


Federal loans are on the heads of many students with an estimated two third of all students graduating from the US having loans on their heads. This action will bring some relief to the people even though President Joe Biden has pardoned only $10,000 as opposed to the expected $50,000.

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