How do I know if my student loans are federal or Private?

With almost 8 million plus students on loan, there is a lot on each head soon after they graduate. But with COVID-19 and evident inflation at hand, students are scampering for last-minute help to give out their student loans.

When President Joe Biden announced help with $10,000 being forgiven for Federal loans, many heaved a sigh of relief.

Not many of students are even aware of the loan type they have and not with this special arrangement by the Federal government, many students are trying to identify their loan type.

Student loans are of various types including federal and private loans.

Federal loans are of a few types and they are;

  1. Direct subsidized loans
  2. Perkins loans
  3. Direct unsubsidized loans
  4. PLUS loans

Apart from them, there are other types of loans that include;

  • Private student loans alongwith
  • student loans for bad credit,
  • without a co-signer,
  • graduate student loans,
  • International student loans,
  • state and nonprofit loans,
  • credit union loans,
  • income share agreements,
  • medical school loans,
  • institutional loans,
  • boot camp loans, and
  • Bar exam loans.

If you wish to know more about the loan type follow this article for information.

How do I know if my student loans are federal?

Student loans are federal or not, is a question many are asking now with the announcement coming from the current President Joe Biden that there will be some relaxation for students with Federal loans. Here is what you must do to identify if your loan is a Federal loan.

  1. Visit the Federal Aid site to identify your loan type. All federal loans are marked in the site and if your loan type is not marked on the site, then you must know that you don’t have a Federal loan.
  2. The next process to find out is to ask your loan servicer. You can call 1-800-4-FED-AID. The helpline will connect you to your service provider who will be able to help you better.
  3. If these are out of your reach, review your student loan billing statement. The top of your student loan will include the student loan servicer name and the Federal student loan program name. Refer to that for more clarity.
  4. Private student loans have no centralized database and they are neither being considered for loan interest-free forbearance nor student loan forgiveness. Private loans can be pulled forth using the credit report that will show outstanding balances.
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Is Navient a federal loan or a private loan?

Navient was previously called Sallie Mae and in 2014 it split into two with its offshore student loan facility being called Navient.

Navient was one of the very few private companies that were granted permission to serve Federal loans. But by the end of 2021, Navient stopped servicing Federal loans for students.

Sallie Mae’s original purpose was to service Federal loans to students; however, it later was privatized. There were a lot of litigations that were filed against Navient that led to all the changes. Your loans will now be taken care of by Advantage if Navient remains your servicer and they still offer private loans. However, student loan forgiveness will negatively impact the company as predicted.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are all student loans federal loans?

Student loans are given by two kinds of organizations- Federal agencies give off Federal loans and private loans that are given by banks, credit unions and other financial organizations. Ideally, not all student loans are Federal loans.

What student loans are federal?

Use the Federal loan’s National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to verify your loan type. You must add your FSA ID to open the Federal student loan portal.

What are the two types of federal student loans?

The two types of Federal loans will include subsidized loans (both direct and indirect) and PLUS loans.

  1. Under subsidized loans, there will be no interest charged for a period.
  2. For unsubsidized loans, your interest won’t be made less at any point.

Do you have to pay back federal student loans?

Yes, any kind of loan follows the normal process wherein the sum is given to a person to fulfill their specific needs but once they earn, they will need to give back their loans as and when their term periods come up.


Paying back loans is a tough job and many face difficulties repaying them. In such situations, paying back Federal student loans or private loans might seem like an add-on. If you wish to find out what kind of loan you have now that US President Joe Biden has decided to forgive $10,000 of Federal loan check with the Federal loan site to make more meaning of what you have with you. Federal loans are right now being forgiven and not private loans.

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