Sunoco credit card Login and Pay your Bill Payment online

Sunoco offers both rewards credit cards as well as MasterCard.

If you have a Rewards credit card, you can avail of massive savings on your gas in the first two months followed by decent savings thereafter.

When you have a MasterCard, you can also try saving your money but offers will be different for both credit card types.

For both types of credit cards, you will need to go for an online account. Only an online account can solve your problems instantly. Therefore, having one is essential, and to create one you must go through the below sections where we tell you more about how you can log in and create an online account. Apart from that, we also cover various payment-related details and other essentials.

To have a credit card means knowing a few things straight.

Essential FeaturesSunoco credit card
Annual Fee$0
Late Payment Fee$40
Returned Payment FeeNA
Interest26.49% (Variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Advance Fee$10 or 5% of each of the cash advance amounts
Grace Period25 days

How to do Sunoco Credit card login?

For a Sunoco credit card login account, you can use the following link:

Step 1- Add your user ID and password. Press the Sign on a tab to complete the login process.

Sunoco credit card login

Step 2- If you do not have an online credit card account, you can create it by clicking on the register your card tab.

credit card online pay Sunoco

Step 3- You must add your credit card number and if you don’t have the card with you, simply click on the tab that can help you register even when you don’t have the credit card with you.

Step 4- If you press the tab that you don’t have the credit card with you, you will have to add your name, primary credit cardholder’s social security number, and phone number.

login online

Step 5- The verification code will be sent to you using your text or phone option. Press the tab that helps you agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 6- If you change your mind and do not want to go for the Rewards credit card, you can also change your options from the dropdown provided on this screen itself. The option is present just after the Send Code tab.

choose credit card type

Step 7- Next, press the Send code option.

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Step 8- Once you receive the code, you will have to add it here in this segment.

Step 8- Post the confirmation of the code, you can now go ahead and use your account.

How to Pay Sunoco Credit card bill payment?

There are three standard payment methods for attending the Sunoco credit card bill payments.

  1. Online payment
  2. Payment through phone
  3. Through the use of their mailing address

If and when you want to pay online, you must login to the Sunoco credit card account.

  1. Press the Payment method tab and then click on the pay bill option.
  2. You will need to fill in the payment and also the bill details.
  3. Post adding all the necessary information, and press the Pay Bill tab to complete paying the bill.

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Payment mailing address & phone number

Your payments can be done offline too. But to initiate these payments, you must either call them up or mail them.

Call them on 1-866-635-7981 and confirm your payment and billing details to initiate the payment.

Mail them your payment through a check or money order at Sunoco Rewards credit card, P.O Box 78056, Phoenix AZ 85062-8056.

Card Benefits

With the famous Sunoco rewards credit card, you will receive the following benefits.

  1. The first 60 days aside, you get 5 cents off for every gallon of fuel that you purchase from them.
  2. Apart from their stores with a credit card, you can also get 5 cents off for every gallon from Mac food Mart and other different Sunoco stations.
  3. Easy fill gas rewards are available at 4900 locations all across the country.
  4. The payment options are flexible and you can get additional credit cards at no cost so that way all your family members can save on them.
  5. The credit card provides you access to nationwide services
  6. For unauthorized transactions, you do not hold any responsibility for the purchases you make.

The reward scheme for the credit card includes the following;

Gallons per monthMoney-saving possibilities
10,000 or more6 cents
7000 to 99995 cents
4000 to 69994 cents
500 to 39993 cents
1 to 4991 cent

Customer service number

To reach the Sunoco credit card customer service number, you can dial 866-635-7981 for queries and issues.


Sunoco credit cards are sought after by those who shop from them regularly. If you need to have it, you must also read about their online accounts.

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