SUSI Grant Application – Student Universal Support Ireland

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) offers grants for continuing education. This grant is helpful as they cover different kinds of expenses for a student enrolling in SUSI. PLC (post-leaving certificates), undergraduate, and students outside the state can also apply.

To qualify for the Susi grant application, you must fulfill every criterion under the eligibility tracker. You must also fulfill all the required documentation. Creating an online account with them is the first step toward the application process.

Before you apply, refer to their essential information segments to know more about the application process.

Additionally, go through the essential steps and quick tips to complete the application process.

In this article, we cover their application process along with the eligibility criteria and requirements more vividly.

How to Apply for SUSI grant application?

There are a few essential steps when applying for the SUSI grant.

  1. The first step of the application process includes creating an online account with them. If you have an online account, you can complete your application form anytime and submit it once done.
susi grant login
  1. SUSI usually asks students to make an early application and to go for it as soon as it opens.
  2. You will have to submit the application with the correct birth date, PPS number, and also other verifiable information to ensure your application goes through quickly.
  3. The application process will vary slightly between the applicant types- Dependents, mature dependents, and independent applicants.
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For filling up the information, you need to add essential details, and to know more about your application form, refer to the new application guide from the given link.

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirement can be seen below as each of the different study levels will have slightly different requirements.

Residency/ NationalityIreland, UK, EU or EEA country, Switzerland
IncomeBased on income
Maximum grant assistance periodDepends on your course
Previous education detailsIf you know your course and requirements

Who is Eligible for SUSI Grant Application?

You must be fulfilling the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Align with their age requirement for different course types
  2. You should not hold a criminal record of any sort.
  3. Students applying must possess a government-approved ID card that can serve as a photo identity card as and when required.

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It covers different kinds of expenses for a student while availing of the scholarship. Starting from international travel airfare to the University fees and exchange program offers it covers much more. The money flows at all levels of education and thus, the grant period is only for a fixed duration. If you want to apply for SUSI, check your education level before moving on with your application.


When asking for a grant from them, you will essentially require fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and meet the application requirements to make sure you get the grant for sure. If you do not meet any of the application requirements, you may want to find out a way to fulfill them so that you get the Susi grant.

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