TASFA Application Process – Know Requirements & Eligibility

Students who will be going for post-secondary education can receive financial benefits for their post-secondary courses. Students can fill out two forms- TASFA and FAFSA to apply for financial aid for their education. Both of these applications have variable functionalities and benefits. Here, in this article, we will discuss TASFA, application procedures, eligibility, etc. This is to ensure that no students face any hurdles in the process. 

So, reading this guide is a must if you want assistance with financial aid for your post-secondary education. 

What is TASFA?

TAFSA Application

TASFA- The Texas Application for State Financial Aid is an application form that collects all the student’s data and finds the eligibility percentage of the candidate to enroll himself/herself into the financial aid program for post-secondary education. These eligibility criteria are determined by the institutions of higher education in Texas. 

TASFA is one of many choices for students definitely. Only students who have yet to be eligible for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but are residents of Texas, proceed ahead in filling out the TASFA form.

How to apply for TASFA Application?

Students opting to take financial aid for their education can choose to fill out one of two applications available- TASFA or FAFSA. Students who still need to pass the selection criteria for the FAFSA form can go on to apply for financial aid via TASFA (provided he is a resident of Texas).

The TASFA forms come to live annually by October 1 and complete their deadline by January 15th. Students need to fill out the form and upload all the documents through the Document Holder within this period.

This application form is available in English and Spanish, making it easy for every mother tongue student. 

To apply:

  • Visit onestop.utsa.edu/financialaid/apply/tasfa/ to head to the application article
  • Find the TASFA application to open the application document
  • The Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) 2023-24 will open up
  • Fill up the details and provide all the legal and required information so that the application is not rejected during the selection process
  • If you face difficulty filling data, you can scroll down the document and check for assistance. The documents have explained the processes for all the sections clearly and neatly.
  • After completing the application, you can upload it to the website through the Document Uploader
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Any further queries with the application Form can be resolved from the application’s assistance section at the bottom. 

What documents are Required?

To fill out the application successfully, you need to have all the documents ready yourself so that you do not have to interrupt the process in between in order to find the asked documents. Apart from several pieces of documentation, here are a few that should strictly be in-hand:

  • 2021 IRS tax transcript or signed tax return
  • 2021 IRS tax transcript or signed tax return of the parents of the dependent students
  • For non-taxpayers, a breakdown of living costs and the source(s) of their income

(These documents are for 2023-24 independent candidates)

The other documents required are:

  • Student Educational Details
  • Student Martial Status
  • Student Income and Assets
  • Students TAX Information, and etc.

(The full list of documentation can be listed down from the application form itself before you start filling it.)

Who is Eligible?

The eligibility criteria for the TASFA application are listed below:

  • Must be a resident of Texas for more than 12 months, respective to the date of application filling
  • A Texa High-school graduate
  • Have completed high school and spent the previous 36 months residing in Texas.
  • Filled out an Affidavit of Intent to remain in Texas permanently.

How to submit a TASFA application?

The TASFA application can be submitted through DOcumnet Uploader. The link for the same has been attached above. For any queries regarding the application submission, you can check the assistance section of the TASFA application form and learn about your problems and solutions. 


How long does TASFA take to process?

The submission confirmation message will get reflected in your email immediately. However, it will take 3-4 business days to confirm the acceptance of the application. You can further contact their website or reach out to 210-458-8000 to track and get updates on your application form. 

Where do I send my TASFA application?

You can upload your TASFA application through Document Uploader by logging on to the Document Uploader website with my UTSA ID and Password. Remember to keep your credentials secured and cross-check your application form before submitting it. 

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