TEACH Grant Application Online Guide – Requirements & Eligibility

Student grants are many, and most of these grants either come with a return while others might not. However, most grants expect something from students, and sometimes it can be as much as good grades or higher eligibility criteria.

When you apply for a TEACH (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education) grant, you will need to commit to a few years of teaching to get the TEACH grant. But, it does not mean anyone can get it as only a few chosen ones will be given the grant.

Read more about the grant here in this article before you apply for it.

What is TEACH Grant?

Anyone who is bright, career-oriented, and inclined toward the teaching profession can apply for the TEACH Grant, which promises to pay a student almost up to $4000 per year.

However, after the completion of one’s studies, the students need to start their careers at a public or private school and can choose to teach at the elementary or secondary level.

For summer semesters, the deadline is 1 April; for fall, it is 1 August; and for spring, applications are invited up to 1 November

How to Apply for TEACH grant application online?

Open TEACH Grant form and then you will need to fill out to get access to the scholarship.

  • The first few segments that you need to fill in include your name, UIN, and UIC email.
TEACH online apply
  • You must also add your phone number, graduation date from your high school, and current degree program details.
Apply here for TEACH
  • Include your candidature status and also add your endorsements, areas of specialization, and different content areas.
  • Include your current GPA, year and semester you are applying for a TEACH grant.
TEACH Grant application

What are the TEACH grant application requirements?

There are various application requirements one needs to meet to be able to get a TEACH grant.

  1. You must complete your FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  2. One needs to show proof of course enrollment in an undergraduate study at any postsecondary educational institution that is a part of the TEACH program.
  3. Any student applying needs to be aware that they will need to fill out a Grant Agreement form.
  4. A compulsory Grant counselling session also needs to get completed.
  5. Any coursework program that enhances your eligibility to become a teacher will be a bonus for those who wish to apply.
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Who qualifies for a TEACH Grant?

Eligibility for the TEACH grant will involve having these essential requirements.

  • Be a citizen of the United States, or one can also be a non-citizen who is proven to be eligible.
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.25 is a must to be able to send in your application for the grant program.
  • A student needs to meet the federal Title IV financial aid eligibility requirements before taking a student loan under the TEACH grant.

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Will TEACH grants be forgiven?

No, the TEACH Grant cannot be forgiven; however, if you disqualify in some way, there are chances that your grant will get converted to a loan.

There are several reasons why a TEACH grant might be rejected.

  • If a student does not meet the work requirements,
  • When they fail to certify their work-related requirements.
  • They fail to certify their employment, which is their qualifying factor.
  • Whenever they do not successfully complete the necessary number of years at service.
  • Even if you do not confirm your employment within a specific number of days, you might get a loan change option.
  • Submitting my annual teaching certification a day later.
  • If and when you leave a programme earlier than your stipulated date,

However, you can always appeal to have them change your loan into a grant if you are sure you can successfully complete the four years of education and four years of teaching requirements.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many times can you get the Teach grant?

You can take it for all the four years of your TEACH grant. Everytime, you want a Grant, you will need to submit the FAFSA. Also you must complete the TEACH grant counseling and a new agreement to serve every year.

How long does Teach grant application process take?

The average time span to complete the application will be on an average six weeks from the beginning of a semester.

How much is the Teach grant?

The average student grant differs from one to another type. With TEACH Grant, one can expect to get $4000 annually.

What does the Teach grant pay for?

It can fund a lot of things including professional development, providing for school supplies, enriching a student’s classroom experience and also can be used to finance field trips and so on.


If you wish to apply for the TEACH Grant, it might be essential to find out more about the program from here. We answer the detailed queries around your requirements, eligibility needs and even the application process. Take the Grant if you need it and only if you enjoy teaching.

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