Texas rent relief application under review – This is what to do

How to check Texas Rent Relief Application Status?

If you are in Texas and afflicted by COVID-19, fill up the relief application. Have you filled in your Texas rent relief application? If so, why don’t you check the status to know if your application is approved?

For checking the Texas rent relief application status, you can either go online or call them up at 1-833-989-7368.

  1. You can login to the site as a landlord or as a tenant.
Texas rent relief application
  • After logging in, click on the application status and check with the details provided.
  • Your application status will flash one of the following statuses as provided in the chart.

Texas rent relief application under review… What to Do?

Only under the given circumstances will your application be put under review.

  1. If your application needs any additional documentation.

Resolution: Provide the documents they ask for and facilitate all information that the reviewer seeks from you.

  • The landlord’s application does not incorporate your application portion in it.

Resolution: Ask the landlord to incorporate your portion of the application.

  • If the landlord does not want to participate in the program.

Resolution: Ask them to communicate the same to the reviewer so that you can directly receive the money. Cross-check if you have provided the right address for receipt of the grant amount.

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How long will my application be under review?

Your application will go back to processing mode as soon as you suffice with the required documents.

How long does Texas Rent Relief take to process?

Within two weeks from the date of application, the rent relief is sent to the applicants. However, the utility assistance is being provided within a span of 3-4 weeks (roughly 21-30 days).

Texas Rent Relief approved payment in the process?

For applications that are prioritized, it takes 32 days roughly and for the ones in queue post-approval, it takes almost 69 days.

Texas Rent Relief payment disbursed but not received… what to do?

To receive the payment, you must create an account with Bill.com. If you have not created an account, you can still create it and get your payments.

If you don’t get the payments, you can call them up or search online to counter-check if they have been disbursed to the right address.

Calling them up can ensure your payments are cleared for you.

How does Texas Rent Relief pay you?

The payments are made through their third-party payment processing system, namely Bill.com. If the landlord has provided the ACH to bill.com in advance, payments will start pouring in, as soon as it is approved. If the landlord is not interested, the payment will be routed to the tenant in the same manner.


It can hereby be concluded that the renter’s relief program can save lives from eviction in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you already applied, read more about the application status from here.

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