Complete Guide on Tim Hortons Job Application

Tim Hortons has restaurant branches all over Canada and jobs are available almost daily with huge new openings being added almost every day. They also have outlets in Miami in the US, Zug in Switzerland, and Singapore. Working with them can bring an exclusive experience. Your guests could be your neighbors and your co-workers can be your friends.

The work pace is fast, and working together in a welcoming atmosphere is a norm for those working at different branches of Tim Hortons.

If you want to work at Tim Hortons, you will need to look for the job category that interests you before you can hit the send button for your application.

In this article, we will cover the requirements and the process of application.

In Tim Hortons, you can land a corporate career or be part of the distribution, transportation, and other restaurant opportunities.

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Steps for Tim Hortons job application in Canada

Tim Hortons announces jobs online and you can surf for their jobs also in almost all third party job vendors like Indeed, Job Bank, and so on.

Alternatively, you can also search for jobs at their home site and in this article, we will walk you through the process of job application with Tim Hortons directly from their site as it is more reliable and often publishes the freshest job openings first.

Step 1: Go to the website of Tim Hortons and then scroll down to the Careers segment.

Tim Hortons

Step 2: Click on the type of opportunities you are looking for including the corporate, restaurant opportunities, or even the campus programs.

Tim Hortons job applications

Step 3: Next, you can see their job opportunities. Click on the one you wish to go forward with. Read about its details and then move on to fill in the application form.

Step 4: After you fill in the application form, you can send it for submission. Alternatively, you can also send your details to the provided email ID alongwith your resume/CV.

What are the Application Requirements?

The basic requirements of each job type vary from one to the other. However, every job will need candidates who can do the following;

  1. They can work and manage the rush during peak hours.
  2. Applicants should be capable of standing for prolonged periods.
  3. Teamwork and welcoming nature are most sought after in candidates.

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Who is Eligible for Tim Hortons Job ?

Job applications in the Canadian units are primarily accepted by applicants who have

  1. Canadian citizenship or are permanent Canadian residents. If the candidate is not a Canadian, they will be accepted with or without a work permit.
  2. You must be 18 years old or above to hold a job with them.
  3. Candidates must have a valid identification card themselves and one might need to present it if asked.
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Salary Details

The salary details vary from one job position to another. Sometimes within the same job position also salaries can vary depending on the levels of the job. Ideally, the per hour rate for an experienced supervisor is $18.5 but someone joining in as a fresher in this segment might get up to $17 to start with. However, each job category, level, and position provides a competitive salary range.

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Tim Hortons Job Benefits

There are several job benefits of Tim Hortons jobs. Some of them are given below;

  1. Health and insurance benefits are being made available to every employee.
  2. It is considered to be the best place to work when it comes to equality for workers. It also supports LGBTQ workers full-fledged.
  3. Life insurance options are given to employees.
  4. Dental plans and vision care benefits are also shared with employees.
  5. Paid leave facility is also an added advantage for workers.
  6. Flexible shifts are offered in almost all levels of work.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it hard to work at Tim Hortons?

No, it is not hard to work at Tim Hortons if you are enthusiastic about their work culture and the advantages that come with your job. However, like every job, they too have their challenges and as long as you are fine with them, you can enjoy their work culture to the maximum.

Can 15-year-olds work at Tim Hortons?

The standard age is 18 for those who join Tim Hortons as most of their work requires long-standing hours or weight lifting capabilities. The office or corporate jobs are not available to a 15-year-old. But, some positions are available for a 15-year-old still and whenever those jobs are available, 15-year-olds can go ahead and apply.


Tim Hortons is one of the best-awarded places for the LGBTQ community and promotes a harmonious and equalizing environment. If you are eager to join a hospitality team, you can always look out for the Tim Hortons’ jobs. Read more about the application process and other essential information from this article.

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