Total Rewards credit card login and Pay Bill Payment

Do you want to get a boost on your rewards both inside and outside the Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards Program? If so, do consider using the Total Rewards Visa credit card. If you are not going to Las Vegas, you will have at least 40 casinos in the United States and Canada where you can use a credit card.

However, people who want to have a credit card must remember that across the United States, there are only 13 states where Total Rewards credit cards are accepted. The Total Rewards card does not have an annual fee.

After you have spent $750, you can get 10000 bonus credits as a reward. You can transfer those reward points to your Wyndham Rewards. If you will spend $10000 in one calendar year, you will receive a VIP access pass.

Essential FeaturesTotal Rewards credit card
Late Payment Fee$29 for those with no outstanding balance $40 for people with a credit balance.
Returned Payment Fee$29 & $40 (conditions same as late payment fee)
Interest & Purchase APR24.24%, 19.24% or 15.24% (variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Grace Period21 days
Balance Transfer APR27.24%

How to do Total rewards credit card Login?

Step 1- To log in to your Total Rewards credit card, you must visit their website.

Caesar credit card login

Step 2- If you are not having an account with them, you can create one. To do so, you need to press the create account option, just below the sign-in tab.

Caesars Rewards credit card pay

Step 3- Add your first and last name, address, and birth date along with your email, and add a password. Agree to the conditions by checking the square box. Further, press the Join Us tab to register yourself.

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How to Pay Total rewards credit card Bill Payment?

Pay your bill online by logging in to your account and moving to the Payment segment,

Step 1- Go to the Billing segment and click on the Pay your bill tab.

Step 2- Once you have added your billing details including the bill amount, date, and number, move on to adding your current account details like your routing number and account number.

Step 3- Press on the Pay Bill tab to complete the billing process.

Payment Mailing address & Phone Number

The Total Rewards credit card payment mailing address is…

Comenity Bank,
PO Box 182273,
OH 43218-2273.

Caesar’s Rewards credit card number is 1-855-381-5715 and Caesar Rewards Visa Signature is 1-855-381-5712 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).

Card Benefits

  1. For every dollar, you gain 5 credit points in Caesar’s resorts and casinos, 2 points in airlines, gas, and groceries whereas you get 1 point in other places.
  2. The credit card offers 1000 bonus reward credits.
  3. You can enter the VIP line of taxis, check-in, and restaurants with this card in your hand.
  4. Pool access comes easily at any Las Vegas properties
  5. The credit card offers no annual fee for anyone.

Customer Service Number

In case of queries, you can reach out to the customer service numbers for different credit cards,


If you want to have the Total Rewards credit card, you must be a big fan of Caesar’s casinos. You can use a credit card anywhere and especially in the casinos of Caesar. There are almost 40 casinos in 13 states where you can use this credit card. Before you actually take the credit card, read more about it from here to handle it better.

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