TPD Discharge Application Form & Check Status

What is TPD Discharge application?

Total and Permanent disability application when submitted can waive your William D.Ford Federal Direct loan. One must submit a TPD discharge application and also provide documents that prove you meet the loan requirements.

The Education Department on 29th March 2021 suspended the annual borrower requirement. You either need to provide documentation about your TPD from the US Department of Veteran Affairs, a physician, or the social security administration.

How to get TPD discharge application pdf?

Here’s what you need to do.

apply for tpd discharge application & check status
  • The discharge application of TPD can be opened online. 
  • Answers specific questions given in the application form. 
  • You’ll then be provided with an option to download a PDF file. 
  • You can also send it for print. 
  • Once printed, you can complete Section 3 of your application.
  • Attach or append supporting documents. 
  • Ask a physician to fill Section 4 of the application. 
  • You will next need to mail your supporting documents and your discharge application to the unit handling it. 

How to apply TPD discharge application?

To apply for the TPD discharge application, these are the few steps you need to take.

  • In the first phase, you need to open the official website.
  • Go down and then start by choosing your role.
  • From the dropdown that appears, you will have to choose, you wish to apply for total or permanent disability discharge. Click on the Start tab.
  • Type in your social security number and birth date, and then choose the next tab.
  • Fill in answers to some questions a bit about your profile, summary, and application details.
  • Take a print out of the semi-filled application.
  • Complete section 3 manually
  • You can ask a physician to complete Section 4 of your application.
  • Mail the authorities with your supporting documents.
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Application under review

The TPD review typically takes somewhere around 30 days or less to complete the review if all sections are filled.

If the discharge application is not complete, or if the physician’s response is not attached, then these reasons can delay the review process.

Status Check

You can either mail or call them. You could go back to your online account. Once you log in you can easily find the status of your application available.

Total and permanent disability discharge process

The TPD discharge process is not very difficult, but it might take some time for the process to materialize. Filling up application forms and then waiting for the process to take shape are some of the steps whereby the internal process scrutinizes and affiliated the TPD.


How long does a TPD discharge take?

It can last up to 120 days during which you’re not expected to make any payments.

What happens after TPD discharge?

The below given route is taken after TPD discharge.

  • The loan holders would be asked to suspend loan payment for 120 days after an application is submitted.
  • Post application confirmation, the loan holder is asked to return the entire loan amount collected.
  • The disability date would be the original date when the loan application was received from the individual by the team.

What does permanent discharge status mean?

It means you would never have to pay back your loan amount.

What does 3 year post discharge monitoring period mean?

Four conditions are put forth post the monitoring period.

  • Whether you have an annual earning exceeding the poverty guideline amount.
  • If you received a new TEACH grant.
  • You do not ensure to return the grants you were given during the period.
  • You have an SSA notice confirming you’re not totally disabled.

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