Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job Application – How to Get [Guide]

Tropical Smoothies Café sells food and smoothies in all the franchise stores across the States. If you want to apply for Tropical Smoothie Cafe Jobs, there are certain things you must know about them.

Each of their stores has cafes and managerial jobs and vacancies come up now and then. Their website has a job listing that tells you more about their job openings in different towns and cities of the United States.

The first smoothie came up in Florida in 1997 and expanded across different locations within the US. They contain almost 275 operational cafes operating in almost 31 US states. It is planning to expand services to Europe and Asia.

New hires become team members and each of the teams has shift leaders, assistants, and general managers who take up the hierarchical responsibilities of managing the team.

Steps for Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job application

To apply for the Tropical Smoothie job application, you must follow the below steps.

Step 1- First click on the website link presents here.

Step 2- Choose from the corporate opportunities and the ones present near you.

Tropical Smoothie Jobs

Step 3- Click on your preference to move ahead in the application process.

Step 4- If you click on the local café link, the next step will be to add your city ZIP code and then press the Submit tab.

Step 5- If any job opportunities suit your skill sets, click on them to fill them up.

Step 6- Most of the management opportunities, on the other hand, come up in Atlanta and one or two in other locations like Virginia Beach.

Marketing jobs Smoothies

Step 6- Once you click on the opportunity, you can check the eligibility requirements and all other essential information around it. You will also know the educational requirement required for the position from the information provided.

Step 7- After going through the entire application, click on the Apply for this position option.

Smoothies requirements

Step 7- Read more about their requirements in this segment and then press the Continue tab.

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job online apply

Step 8- Add your gender and ethnicity and further press the Continue option.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job application

Step 9- Add to the consent and then press on the Continue tab.

consent Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job

Step 10- Add your resume in the given space from Google Drive or Dropbox or choose a file from the computer.

personal information

Step 11- Add your personal information and your recent residential address.

Tropical Smoothies

Step 12- Include contact information and also general information in the given spaces.

Contact Tropical Smoothies

Step 13- Add your employment history in the next segment of the application.

employment history Smoothies

Step 14- Add your education/training and also include your references.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job apply here
reference for job Smoothies
Application acknowledge
Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job application

What are the tropical smoothie cafe job application requirements?

The application requirement includes the following essential points.

  • You must have the required qualifications for the position you wish to hold.
  • Your work role should be in alignment with what you can do.
  • If you are not a permanent citizen, you need to have valid identifiers for having this job.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility of the Tropical Smoothie cafe application includes the following;

  • The minimum age requirement for any job role is 16 years.
  • You must assess the requirements and find out your strengths to put forward for the job.

How much does Tropical Smoothie pay?

The least they pay is to the cashier and that is $9 per hour. The highest bidders are those in managerial positions like restaurant managers and even other managerial positions where the hourly pay goes up to $14.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Tropical Smoothie hiring?

Now and then there is a position open and if you want, you can go for it. However, not all positions will be open always for you.

What age can you work at Tropical Smoothie?

You can start working at the age of 16 with them; however, not all job roles will be open to a 16-year-old.

How long does it take to get hired at Tropical Smoothie?

After you give your interviews, it can take up to two weeks to get a job with them. During this period, your application will o through several rounds of scrutiny.


The Tropical Smoothie cafe application process for hiring is elaborately explained below and if you plan to apply, read more about the application process along with their eligibility requirements here.

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