How to Check TruConnect Application Status?

It is true that the world cannot run without appropriate internet connectivity and network. No one can also survive without frequent calls to their people or resources. Believe it or not, the world cannot live without resources like internet connectivity and phones as the whole world works within its boundaries now. But not many of us are fortunate enough to afford it. When you cannot go without the internet and phones, how do you manage, then? Also, Don’t forget to look for Spectrum Plans.

The obvious go-to points are different government schemes that operate to provide people with essential requirements either free of cost or at a subsidized rate. If you are in the United States and need such services, reading this blog can tell you where you can head for your needs. Read more to know how to check TruConnect application status.

What is TruConnect?

TruConnect is a company that works throughout the States helping with wireless services. Their services are flexible and easily affordable. Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity Program, and Pay-As-You-Go are some of the plans built to support your life. The Lifeline and the ACP programs are supported by the Federal Government.

Both programs provide connectivity plans to only one household member per family. The Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) are the most sought-after among low-income individuals. Some of the basic differences between the two plans are provided below;

Lifeline PlanAffordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
It is an existing Federal Government SchemeACP is a new Federal Government Scheme
You get an internet connection and a phone at a subsidized rateIn ACP, people can get a new mobile and connection with internet facilities by answering a few questions and eligibility questions.
Lifeline Services is part of a permanent program providing essential communication facilitiesWith ACP, people can expect additional support as the program is here to make connectivity services more affordable.
The income level has to be 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Level.Your income level must be 200% less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines
Lifeline services can either be for facilitating phone or internet servicesOn the other hand, ACP services facilitate both types of services together.

How to Check TruConnect Application Status?

You will be notified of the TruConnect application status as soon as they have taken an action point on it.

  • The TruConnect application status can further be verified by calling 1-800-430-0443. To verify the TruConnect application status, call them and speak to a customer service representative. Do so, if you cannot follow the prompts for checking the application status.
  • TruConnect application status can also be checked by contacting [email protected].
  • You can alternatively go online and open your online account. Check for your application status from the available tab. You can also find the application status in your dashboard.
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Is TruConnect free?

The Lifeline and ACP will have subsidized rate TruConnect services and devices for you. Lifeline makes your device come by at a subsidized rate but ACP helps to make them cheaper.

Their Lifeline and ACP services are available with the following kinds of benefits at subsidized rates.

Lifeline Service Benefits: The Lifeline service benefits will include such options.

  • A federal discount of $9.25 every month is given to the individuals who benefit from their services. If the individuals are on tribal lands, you will get up to $34.25 per month.
  • If you opt for voice-only services, Lifeline will provide you with a rebate of $5.25. Even though the voice-over program was to run until 1st December 2021 and has been paused for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic status.

ACP Benefits

People who opt for ACP benefits can get the following facilities;

  1. Individuals can receive somewhere up to $30 every month for their internet bills.
  2. For qualifying tribal lands, the benefit will be somewhere around $75/month.
  3. For buying a laptop, desktop, or tablet one can get a $100 discount on a one-time basis. People are expected to make a $10 copayment but it must be less than $50.
  4. If you take up a low cost service plan, it will get completely covered through the ACP benefits.

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FAQs Related to TruConnect

Is TruConnect legit?

TruConnect has bound with two Federal programs and everything about them is legitimate. TruConnect offers transparent service facilities to all users.

How long does TruConnect application process take?

Once approved, you can expect to get your device within 3-8 days. For approval, it might take one or two days.


For adorable programs log on to the TruConnect site and find the programs that suit you best. Read more about the TruConnect program from this article if you wish to move ahead with their facilities.

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