How to Add TSA Precheck to American Airlines or After Booking?

American Airlines (AA) customers who are also TSA PreCheck members may go through airport security quickly. Together with the TSA, American Airlines is experimenting with a mobile identification software that might one day make paper boarding passes and IDs obsolete. Customers qualifying for this service would appreciate not having to rummage through their belongings while lugging them about. However, if you are facing difficulties in adding the TSA precheck to American airlines after booking or before booking then here is a quick guide for you.

Do American airlines use TSA precheck?

does American airlines use TSA precheck

American Airlines is a TSA Precheck airline partner. Members of TSA Precheck may be allowed to utilize expedited screening lanes and avoid having to remove shoes, computers, and liquids from carry-on baggage at some airports. Include your Known Traveler Number (KTN) in your American Airlines reservation so you may use TSA Precheck. Bring a government-issued photo ID and boarding ticket when you walk through security. 

You should verify the availability of TSA Precheck at your departure and arrival airports before your travel since it is only offered at certain airports.

How to add TSA precheck to American airlines?

You must have a Known Traveler Number in order to enroll in TSA with American Airlines (KTN). You may link your existing KTN to your American Airlines profile as follows.

  • You may sign in to your American Airlines account online.
  • To access your account, hover over your name in the upper right corner of the screen and then click “My Account.
  • For further specifics on your trip, click the “Traveler Information” link on the page’s left side.
  • Locate the “TSA Precheck” part and hit the “Add Known Traveler Number” button.
  • To save your Known Traveler Number, fill out the space below.

Apply for TSA Precheck with the Transportation Security Administration if you still need to get a Known Traveler Number (TSA). You’ll need to submit an application, set up an appointment at an enrollment facility, and bring in your fingerprints and a valid form of identification. Visit the TSA Precheck website for additional information and to apply.

Can you add TSA precheck after booking American airlines?

American Airlines passengers, you may add TSA Precheck to your reservation anytime. How? Read on!

  • To access your American Airlines account, please visit their website.
  • Go to the “My Trips” section and locate the reservation you want to upgrade to TSA Precheck.
  • The “Add TSA Precheck” or “Add Known Traveler Number” (KTN) buttons must be clicked. You might find this link in your booking under “Travel Information.”
  • Get in your KTN and other mandatory details as directed.
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Please note that you may only add TSA Precheck to your booking if you are eligible. Go to the TSA’s website to see whether you qualify for TSA Precheck and to fill out an application.

How to tell if you have TSA precheck American airlines?

You may check your status for your travel in a few different ways:

  • Please review your reservation confirmation: You should be able to tell whether you have TSA Precheck on your flight from the confirmation email you received. A confirmation could contain this data in its “Travel Information” section.
  • You should get a boarding card with a TSA Precheck signal when you check in for your trip. Typically, this is indicated on the boarding pass by a tiny emblem or abbreviation (such as “TSA PRE” or “TSA PRECHECK”).
  • Take a look at your balance: By logging into your American Airlines account, you can verify your eligibility and see when your forthcoming flights are.

You may also try calling American Airlines directly to find out whether you have TSA Precheck for your journey.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do American airlines pay for TSA precheck?

American Airlines doesn’t cover Precheck. US airport security queues are skipped for TSA Precheck holders. It is available to Americans and permanent residents. Application, non-refundable fee, and papers are necessary. If approved, use your KTN to enroll in TSA Precheck for flights. The airline does not pay TSA Precheck application fees. AAdvantage members may pay less for TSA Precheck.

Is TSA different for international flights?

Airports and airplanes are secured by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). All flights from or to the US are subject to TSA security. However, airport location and flight may affect security procedures. Due to danger, overseas flights may need more security. Passengers and their possessions may be screened more. The TSA’s security procedures might alter to reflect new threats or security situations.

Why am I not getting a TSA precheck on American airlines?

TSA Precheck-free American Airlines flights have various reasons. No TSA Precheck? Apply for TSA Precheck. The Precheck may not appear on your reservation. This may occur if your reservation name does not match your TSA Precheck account or the reservation system shows erroneous information. Your departing airport may have congested or unavailable TSA Precheck lanes. American Airlines and the TSA can resolve the Precheck issues.


You can use TSA Precheck as much as you want, so it’s a great deal, even if you only fly sometimes. The return on a five-year investment of $85 is excellent. You can avoid missing your trip due to long security lines and save $8 annually. Two times yearly usage will have an effect. In closing, I wish you the best of luck with your application. I’d like to hear your feedback on the TSA Precheck program.

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