Is TSA Precheck the same as Global Entry? [Main Differences]

TSA is a special program in the United States designed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that allows travelers to pass through expedited security checking instead of waiting for hours in a long queue.  Global Entry is a similar US program that provides expedited security checks for international passengers entering the United States. Both of these programs are beneficial in their terms and also carry a lot of differences in their functionalities.

What is global entry vs. TSA precheck?

What is Global Entry vs TSA Precheck

Let us look at the detailed difference between the two programs- Global Entry & TSA Precheck.

  • TSA Precheck:
    • It is provided and valid for passengers boarding flights leaving the United States. It is under the surveillance of the Transportation Security Administration, specifically based in the United States. 

It costs you $78 for the TSA membership, valid for 5 years. The renewal cost of this membership is $70, which can be done through different methods, either online or offline.

  • Global Entry:
    • This program includes TSA Precheck and custom screening for international boarders entering the United States. A specific agency, United States Customs, and Border Protection, run this program. This program will cost you 100 dollars for the same 5 years of the plan. 

Is TSA Precheck the same as a Global entry?

TSA Precheck is different from a global entry except in certain areas. 

  • Both these programs will ask you to complete the application process, including application and Interviews at different enrollment centers. 
  • You can cover both application types with credit cards, and the validity is the same for 5 years.
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You should know more things if you are looking for differentiating factors between the two.

  • Global Entry includes TSA Precheck in itself. So, if you apply for Global Entry at $100, you will also receive the TSA Precheck subscription. In brief, Global Entry is at an extra cost of $22, and upon raising your TSA fees by $22, you will get both of these programs.

Other key similarities:

  • Both applications have non-refundable fees
  • Both have 5 years of validity
  • Both include expedited screening.

What is the difference between program’s

The significant difference between the programs is their cost and their functionalities. Both are reliable methods of expedited screening, depending upon the traveler type. We will see a detailed difference between the two that will help you choose which program you should sign-up for.

TSA PreCheckGlobal Entry
This program costs $78 and gets renewed every 5 years at the cost of $70.The cost of this program is $100, which is also valid for 5 years and gets renewed after the expiry.
It requires only checks for fingerprints and Identity Cards.It also includes interviews, and the interview window almost takes months to get scheduled, which makes the application process hassle.
It has more enrollment centers than Global Entry, over 400 (as per the latest updates).It has fewer enrollment centers, mainly at US airports and US Customs and Border Protection offices.
No additional security programs are included in TSA PreCheck.Global Entry includes TSA PreCheck, which makes $100/5-year value for money.


Which one is better, TSA precheck or global entry?

TSA PreCheck is ideal for regular domestic travelers who wish to utilize a separate security line. Global Entry is a complete service for foreign passengers, including TSA PreCheck. It expedites U.S. airport clearance and passport and fingerprint verification.

How much is global entry vs. tsa precheck?

Both are non-refundable and valid for five years. Global Entry is a better alternative for regular foreign travelers who wish to save time at customs. Check with your credit card issuer or benefits to see if you may get a bill credit.


This article has thus brought to you the significant differences and similarities between TSA Precheck and Global Entry. You will get all the basic information required to understand the two programs. You can refer to their major website for further information and learn about the application process, documentation, and payment options. This way you will have sufficient resources to help you decide which one to go after. 

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