How to Apply for UCLA housing application?

Housing is an essential part of UCLA and no student can manage without having a place to stay. Accommodations come in all shapes and sizes and depend on a person’s budget and choice of location.

Those who study at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) can apply for housing application. As a university, they provide housing facilities to many varieties of students and faculty. Whether you are in your freshmen year or a returning student, you can apply for a room with them. You can apply as a single student or as a group. Those who apply as single students can be put into any of the rooms that have availability to take them in. Each student can choose housing based on the pricing offered and also their location.

How to Apply for UCLA housing application?

A $30 non-refundable fee is mandatory and is not returned back to anyone.

Those who are contacted or wish to apply for a room need to create an account with UCLA.

For account creation, UCLA students will need to accept the terms and conditions. They will also need to create an account with UCLA by entering their UCLA student identification number.

While creating an account, you need to include your identity information, and account creation details, and also will have to activate MFA before you can start using the account.

UCLA application
UCLA login details

Those who already have a login ID can login with their username and password.

UCLA login credentials

Students who need housing need to apply for UCLA Housing, here is what you must do.

A few essential pieces of information one needs to fill up the UCLA housing application include the following:

  • Details of all those who want to be a part of the home need to be fed. It should include your name, birth date confirmation, contact information, gender revelation, gender-inclusive confirmation, contact details, emergency contact details, and photo upload. Students with disabilities must also put their details forth. If you wish to keep an animal, you must reveal details about it. Choose a room preference and also choose to pay the application fee. Complete and submit your UCLA application.
  • Contact details including your phone number, email address, and mailing address need to be entered.
  • Apart from the UCLA details, you need to give them the education details. It should include your course details and also your payment information.
  • You must give a preference for the amount you wish to spend for your housing facility.

What are the UCLA housing application Requirements?

The students have a provision to choose from the UCLA Housing Services, undergrad university apartments options.

  • Birth certificates are essential
  • Evidence of the relationship between the inmates coming together for a house or a room.
  • You need to pay the amount of $30.
  • Gender-related confirmation is a must.

Who is Eligible?

UCLA Housing is given to those students who have to stay on campus like former foster students, veterans, and even student-athletes. Even incoming foster students and first-year transfer students, rising sophomores will be reached out to.

As soon as you get admission to UCLA, you can start looking for housing offers and file your UCLA housing application. There is no need to search anywhere as mostly freshmen students and transfer students can stay in their accommodation for the said tenure.

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How does UCLA housing work?

Usually, the most recent UCLA housing associates will be able to take up an accommodation space by the end of late April, thus many places will not be available to the freshmen candidates.

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Eligible applicants are those who fill out the application form by the declared deadline. Housing is offered to the ones who need it the most. Preferences are given based on the information filled in the application form by the students.

If a student’s preference is not available when an offer is being made, they would be given an alternate housing option. In the first two to three years, most students prefer staying in a two to three-sharing accommodation.

Individuals can also match roommates and fill in their preferences. Decisions are taken around it and students can update their preferences anytime from the time the application is made till the issuance of the housing.

Once housing is offered, there will be a deadline by which you can accept it. After acceptance of the offer, you will get your housing contract, and the housing contract charges will need to be paid.

All subsequent deadlines must be met for housing assignments by the said dates. Students with disabilities also need to apply to get their offers.

Overall, the subsequent process is an application that should be followed by scrutiny and examination of the application. After scrutiny of the applicant’s information, they will provide offers that work best for you.

Is UCLA housing first come first serve?

No, it is not a first come first serve but rather it is given off only after the deadline. It is never on a first come, first serve basis and there is no need to thus apply immediately. Thus, only when you find the right offers uploaded, go ahead and apply for them. Usually, every housing update will be there on their online portal once you wish to take up a housing facility with them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When does UCLA housing application close?

By mid April housing offers will be made to the students and acceptance dates will be mentioned for them. For undergraduate returners, online application is available until February 7, 2023.

How to cancel UCLA housing application?

If someone wishes to terminate the contract after paying the first installment and accepting the offer, a $400 contract termination fee is charged to students. An email needs to be submitted via Ask Housing (

Does UCLA have guaranteed housing?

From the fall of 2022, UCLA is offering homes to all freshmen and transfer students for a four-year & two-year period in homes owned by UCLA.

Undergraduate and graduate students can look for housing with them within campus dormitories, and off campus university apartments.

How much does UCLA housing cost?

Housing for winter and spring contract midyear is $986.50-$2781 per person and an average of $17,231 for fooding and lodging. Your first payment will come from your December installments and everytime your tuition charges are due, just then will the UCLA housing cost will also be due. Ideally, it will be on 20th December and 20th March

Studio-size apartments are $1687 and Weyburn terrace.

How to contact UCLA housing?

From Monday to Friday, contact UCLA housing using their email [email protected].

From Tuesday to Thursday, you can reach them at (310) 206-7011 number or you can also visit them personally.


Here is all about the application process for UCLA housing and if you are interested, it is time to start reading more about them so that you too can find a place with them. If you are a freshman or a transfer student, the housing authorities of UCLA will directly give you a call. Knowing the essential details is important and thus, you must go thoroughly through all the information provided necessary for seeking the right accommodation for yourself as well as for your family if you happen to take one with you.

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