Ukraine social credit application Diia – UBI System

Ukraine is one of those nations that have advanced digitization and centralization of their different platforms. With the impending ongoing war, Ukraine is finding its strength in these digitization and centralization processes every day.

In 2020, they brought out an app called Diia, a conglomerate of all essential Ukrainian documents together. From this app, you can find out your identity cards, passports, vaccination details, insurance, registrations, insurances, health reimbursements, and also more about social benefits.

No longer does a Ukrainian need to shovel from one platform to another for their different documents and certificates. They can simply log in to Diia and find out their necessary documents.

Other than the Chinese, Ukrainians are the only ones to be working on this model so far.

Ukraine Social credit application diia

Ukraine social credit application Diia System

The application can be used to store almost 50 services and helps you keep 9 official documents altogether. By 2021, there already were 4.5 million users actively using the app for getting the vaccination certificate wherever they wanted it.

It’s that they have gone ahead for the great reset quietly by adjusting to tag up the social credit application, with the universal basic income (UBI), a digital identity, and a vaccine passport all in one place.

You can keep 9 digital documents with you in the e-wallet and that includes,

  • the driver’s license,
  • IDP certificate,
  • birth certificate,
  • tax number,
  • vehicle insurance policy
  • vehicle registration certificate
  • student card
  • foreign biometric certificate
  • ID card

These cards can cover 12 services in total and Ukraine is the first country with a valid digital ID.

How to Register Your Business with the App?

To register your business with the app, you must do the following steps.

  1. Download the uploaded Diia charter and Membership agreement and read it thoroughly.
  2. To get the registration done, completing the Annex-2 regular and associate member agreements is where you must start.
  3. Fill up Annex 2 which includes the regular and the associate member agreement. For community member registration, you can fill up the community member registration form which is nothing but Annex 1. Get Annex 1 signed by someone who has the authority to put their signatures.
  4. Once you have completed the forms, you must send them straight to the Diia membership team at [email protected].
  5. After the application is checked, you will be receiving an invoice for your membership dues. All the fees will cover the entire year and the payment is not in the prorated format.
  6. Soon after the payments are accepted, you will be a member and the information of your membership will be shared with IEEE-ISTO and the membership agreement on behalf of you will be signed by the general manager.
  7. ISTO will mail you the agreement with the welcome email.
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Diia application Ukraine social credit Benefits

The primary benefit of digitization was a reduction of government officials by 10% after the introduction of technology and that meant less jargon and in-between bureaucratic issues.

  • Diia is one of those social platforms which fits every pocket and carries almost documents you need effortlessly. Damage to documents and their loss is prevented by the use of this app
  • It helps make people digitally more aware and educated.
  • Documents when exported in such a way will help maintain transparency among all departments within the country.


Diia helps in assimilating all the documents for an individual but keeping it safe is a huge added task for the government. Regular information leakage and hacking of this app is not something not being attempted posing a huge risk for people alone.

Even though government officials deny any breach but then that is not something that can be said for sure. Data protection is a real issue and needs to be tackled with care to maintain Diia in the best possible way.

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