How to fill out UPNG application form 2024?

All colleges have begun operating full-fledged and universities are preparing henceforth. The colleges and universities are providing undergraduate degrees and the UPNG online applications for 2023 will close on 15th October 2022.

Those who wish to apply must consult their respective colleges for further admission processes. There are certain instructions set that one must use when applying for different courses in different colleges. There is a certain application fee that you must provide for all the subjects that you apply for. Every application has a fee and when applying, you must separately attach the fee receipt of different courses with that particular application.

Who is eligible for UPNG Application 2023?

Children are interested in different streams and for each stream and subject, there are different eligibility criteria. But, there are a few general rules that apply to all the applicants, streams and students.

Here is what you must fulfill for UPNG applications.

  • Every child must fit in their age requirements specified differently for every subject.
  • The minimum qualification level for every stream must be fulfilled. A certificate must be added for the last qualifying qualification level.
  • You must have the cut-off percentage marks for that particular stream in which you apply.

What documents are required?

The documents that are required for filling out the UPNG application include;

  1. Your last educational certificate must go in.
  2. A birth certificate must also go into your application form.
  3. You should also update your address in the given segment.
  4. Include your working email address and working phone number.
  5. Make non-refundable payments of the application fee.
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How to fill out UPNG application form 2023?

Click on the link to start the UPNG application for 2023.

To fill out the UPNG application form for 2023, these are the steps you need to follow;

  1. Create an online account by signing up for your new account.
  2. Once you sign-up for your account, you will get an email with your login credentials including your username and password.
UPNG application form
UPNG online application form
  • Start your online application by clicking on the online application form for UPNG.
  • Upload scanned documents and all essential information including your personal details, educational qualifications, and any other desired and essential information. Include personal details like your name, phone number, email address, and education details and answer other prompts. Follow the application prompts and ensure you have incorporated the right information in different sections.
  • Pay the right application fee using the BSP pa and also submit all the documents.
  • Affix your passport-size photograph and attach the receipt after paying the application fee.
  • Click on the UPNG submit application tab and wait for their approval.

Contact Details

You can contact the UPNG applications at this toll-free number: 1800500.

SchoolsEmail details
Business & Public Policy School[email protected]
Humanities & Social Sciences School[email protected]
Natural & Physical Sciences School[email protected]
Medicine & Health Sciences School[email protected]
Law School[email protected]

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the GPA for UPNG 2023?

A minimum GPA of 3 and above is a must for getting admission. They must complete Grade 12 and a score of B and C with a GPA of 2.5 is a minimum criterion. Depending on the subject and stream, there might further be different GPA requirements.

When is UPNG application form 2023 due date?

The UPNG applications will close by 15th October 2023. If students want to apply, they have just a few days left from here.


To know more about the UPNG application process, you must refer to the right information. Here is a generalized application process detail to refer to. It tells you the general rules and regulations you need to follow to complete the application.

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