How to Fill out DS-11 Passport Application form for US Passport?

What is DS-11 U.S. passport application?

The U.S passport application form DS-11 is the form required when you want to file for a new U.S. Passport; or when you want to replace an old and expired U.S. Passport that was issued at the age of sixteen; or if you have lost your passport.

The new passport application form DS-11 was updated in 2013. Since then, this particular format is in use. Passport books come in two forms; one is a 26 pages passport and another is a 52-page passport book.

How to fill out a DS-11 passport application

How to fill out a DS-11 passport application?

The form DS-11 should be filled online with the help of the Form Filler Tool. It comprises a 6-page form out of which four pages are chiefly instructions and only two pages only need to be filled out. The first page needs all the personal details like name, email, contact number, DOB, SSN, etc.

The second page consists of parental information, occupational details, employer information, permanent address, some personal identification like eye & hair color, height, signature, etc. 

Application requirements

  • You have never been issued a U.S. passport before as you were under the age of 16.
  • Your previous passport was issued when you were 16 years old.
  • Your last passport was issued about 15 years ago.
  • You have lost your most recent U.S. passport.
  • Your name has changed and you have not been able to legally document it.

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How to Submit the application?

You can fill out the form online with the help of the Form Filler Tool and submitted first at the portal or it can also be filled out by hand, taking a single-sided print out and then submit it in person at the designated qualified center in the US State Travel Department.

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Those who are applying from abroad can visit the U.S. Embassy of that country and submit it there.

Refer to DS-11 U.S. passport application instruction page 1 requirements for children…What does it mean?

If you want to fill up the DS-11 form for a child who is under 16, then both parents or the legal guardian(s) have to be present at the time of verification and interview and present the following:

  • Evidence of the Child’s U.S. citizenship
  • Evidence of relationship to the parent’s or guardian(s) like birth certificate, etc.
  • Original government-issued identification of the parents or legal guardian(s).

If; however, only one parent or guardian is appearing, then they have to provide the following:

  • Written notarized statement of form DS-3053 whereby the parent’s consent to issue a passport to the child is reflected, or,
  • The second parent’s death certificate, or,
  • Evidence of sole authority to apply,
  • Otherwise, a written statement explaining why the second parent cannot appear.


Where can I get a DS-11 passport form?

You can obtain a DS-11 passport form from the post office or from the clerk of the court anywhere around the United States. Other than this, you can also obtain the DS-11 passport application from the U.S. Embassy offices from all around the world. You can click the link here to find a local passport form point. 

Besides this, you can also get the online form from the U.S. Embassy Official website of the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Where can I get a DS-11 form?

You can obtain the DS-11 form online or offline as mentioned above.

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