How to use Target debit card | Check balance & Pay to Target card

There are two debit cards from Target- the MasterCard and the simple debit card. Here we mainly discuss the Target debit card. To use the debit card, there are no high-end rules, use it like a normal debit card. It pulls money from the linked account for making any online purchases. Once you receive the card, here’s what you must do.

  1. Activate the card by entering the card details online. Add the last four digits of your SSN, your first and last name, ZIP code, and a three-digit security code from the back of your card.
  2. Whenever shopping online from Target, add the card for online payments.

How to check target debit card balance?

use Target debit card

If you plan to check and use the debit card balance, then here are your steps.

  1. Call the 1-888-729-7331 number and use your Account ID or 16-digit card number to begin the automated voice call.
  2. Once the verification process is complete, you can check with your recent transactions, PIN management, and bank account information updating your balance as well.

How to Pay?

Whenever you have to pay from a debit card, the money will be drawn from your checking/savings account.

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How do I know my target debit card limit?

All you need is an appropriate amount of funds in your checking account to keep using the Target debit card. Use it as many times you want, but the amount paid today might be deducted tomorrow from your checking or savings account.

How does it work?

The Target card can only be used in Target stores, both online and offline. Whereas the MasterCard works like any other debit card that derives funds from the savings or checking account linked to your Target account.


Does target debit card affect credit score?

The card will deduct money directly from your checking account, thereby; these transactions will not be reflected in your credit score in any way.

Can I use my target debit card anywhere?

The card is a closed-loop card and the MasterCard is an open-loop card and works in stores that accept MasterCard but, to avail of discounts, you can only use them in Target stores.

Can I use my target debit card at an ATM?

just like an ordinary debit card and MasterCard, you can use it to withdraw money from an ATM.

Can I use my target debit card before it arrives?

Post receiving approval for the Target debit card, the cashier will provide you with a scannable receipt. It shall contain the credit limit, date, and your signature. Use it till you receive the original debit card.

Can I use my target debit card if my account is negative?

No, since it is a debit card, you cannot use the card if your account is running a negative or zero balance. This functional capability is limited to a debit card, unlike a credit card.


If you have taken a Target debit card, then you must mentally keep the points mentioned above in your mind.

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