UWC Online Application- Check Status, Eligibility

It is the dream of every parent to see their child studying in one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Not only the parents, but kids also dream of getting into them for bright prospects. One such chain of international schools famous for providing a top-notch world-class education for the leaders of tomorrow is the UWC Online application.

United World Colleges is an international network of educational institutions aiming to provide world-class education to its pupils. So, if you ever get a chance to get enrolled in UWC, would you do it? If yes, then this article is just for you.

What Is UWC Online Application?

apply for uwc online application

UWC online application is the application procedure one must undergo for their candidature to be considered for the UWC. The application consists of a filling of your details and academic credentials to date. Not only that, you will be answering essay questions as well to give the assessors a better insight into you. That’s pretty much the UWC online application.

How To Apply For UWC Online Application 2022?

Follow these simple steps to apply for UWC 2022:

  1. Check if you are eligible or not. This step will make sure if you should move forward with the application procedure or not.
  2. Apply: For this, visit this site. Then, sign up and apply.
  3. After submitting your application, if you get shortlisted, attend the interview.
  4. Also, submit your financial assessment form.
  5. As per the merit list of the interview, you will be allocated colleges based on your ranking.
  6. Based on your selection of college and financial situation, along with merit rank, a scholarship will be provided to the candidate.
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Following the eligibility criteria:

  1. The candidate must be between 16 and 18 years of age.
  2. The candidate must be an Indian citizen or a resident of India or a PIO/OCI cardholder.
  3. The candidate must be in grade 10 or 11 currently.

How To Check UWC Online Application Status?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the status of your application:

Step 1: Visit this site.

Step 2: Click on “Application Status”.

Step 3: Enter either your SA ID or Passport Number, along with your UWC application number.

Step 4: Click “Submit”.

If your status shows “Final Decision”, this means you have met the minimum standards for selection. However, you haven’t been selected yet. The final decision is yet to be made.

If your status exhibits “Pending” or “Awaiting Final Decision” or “Awaiting Decision”, this means your application is being processed as of now.


To know the deadline of UWC application for 2022 in your country, visit this site. Here you will get to know the deadlines for 2022 application month-wise for each country.


So now since you know everything about the application process of UWC, what are you waiting for? Go grab your chance and apply for it before it’s too late.

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