Vaccinated Travel Pass in Singapore-VTP Application

What is VTP application Singapore?

The vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) can be taken by those who carry the vaccinated travel passes with them. The Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) is your ticket to traveling ahead of crowds and mass in airports, as is reported by Singapore Airlines. The vaccinated travel lanes have begun six daily planes from several Indian airports to Singapore. An approved entry with a VTL pass is a one-time option for entering Singapore.

Short-term visit passes, and long-term passes are both available for passengers and anyone of them can be opted for. In short, anyone traveling to Singapore can book a VTL flight now that can make your travel as ordinary as it was before COVID-19.

Vaccinated Travel Pass in Singapore Application

To apply for the vaccinated travel pass, you need to visit the official website.

  1. After visiting the site, scroll down to click on create a new VTP application tab.
  2. To generate a one-time password, open a new request by entering your name and email address.
  3. Add the OTP and the captcha to move to the next segment of your screen.
  4. Include all your travel details, including your country or region of departure and date of travel.
  5. Update your electronically signed COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
  6. Add all your personal information and your passport number, then click on the submit tab.

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What are the application requirements?

The different application requirements involve several documents like the ones given below.

  1. Evidence of complete vaccination against COVID-19 can be submitted here.
  2. Two COVID tests have to be done- one 48 hours before arriving at Singapore and the next one soon after arriving at Changi airport.
  3. Short-term visitors will require taking up a travel insurance policy.
  4. One must have a valid Visa for travel from other nations to Singapore.

Vaccinated Travel Pass Eligibility

Eligible candidates are the ones who are;

  1. Singaporean citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders like work pass; student pass, and long-term visit pass holders.
  2. WHO vaccinations must have been taken by the candidates.
  3. One must hold an accepted vaccination proof from the VTL countries.
  4. The person must fulfill pre-departure tests, should be able to tell their travel history, and also must be cleared by the immigration team.

How long does the application process take?

As soon as the VTL application is submitted, all details will be generated, assessed and instantaneously approved. The VTP is generated almost immediately.

Ending thoughts

If you are a Singapore citizen traveling back to Singapore, you need not fill the VTP application, given you fulfill all the eligibility criteria and different requirements. But for foreign nationals and other visitors flying to Singapore, VTL applications are a must if you want to reduce the burden of flying during COVID.

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