Detailed Guide on Victoria Secret Job Application [Updated]

A lingerie staple of the United States, Victoria Secret’s job opportunities are plenty and their vacancies are almost always advertised throughout different third-party and Victoria Secret job applications.

For finding out a job for yourself with them, you will need to browse through their site. There are several search preferences that you can set to search for a suitable job.

There are a large number of stores across different states and their cities, so it is no surprise to find one such site near your home. If you do not want to relocate and work, you can seek out a store near you and find a job for yourself with them.

How to Apply for Victoria secret job application?

Online application is the most feasible in today’s world with Victoria.

Step 1- Visit Victoria’s Career Page to send in your applications.

Step 2- Set the different categories to find the right job for yourself.

Victoria secret job application

Step 3- You can also search using job title, brand, and location.

Victoria secret jobs

Step 4- Once you get the job of your choice, click on it to read through its requirements and needs.

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Step 5- You will find your job description, qualifications, and the apply tab.

Victoria secret apply

Step 6- Click on the Apply tab next to start with the application process. The first step will be around acknowledging your privacy agreement.

Victoria secret job application privacy

Step 7- After clicking on the acknowledged tab, you will move next to the login page. If you have already created an online account with them, you can add the username and password. If not, you will have to create an online account to further move ahead with the application process.

job search
New User Search

Step 8- You can also apply as a guest if you do not wish to create an account by clicking on the tab below the New User registration tab.

Step 9- Drop in your email address in the box to start your application as a guest. Acknowledge another privacy agreement before proceeding further.

privacy agreement

Step 10- There are different segments of the online application divided into personal information segments, attachments, and general questions, job-specific questions, screening, adding e-signature, and reviewing the application before submitting it.

Personal Information
job details

Step 11- After completing the application form, click on the Submit tab.

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What are the Victoria secret job Application Requirements?

The requirements for filling up Victoria’s Secret application form include;

  1. Add all your previous supervisor information from your previous jobs.
  2. For management positions, you will need to enter your contact details, education, and employment histories including references.
  3. You will need to upload your resume in the given segment for scrutiny.
  4. Include the skills that make you unique.
  5. Incorporate the most helpful skills or your special skills.
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Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for Victoria Secret organization has the following requirements.

  1. The minimum required age for applying is 18 years and above. Different positions have different age requirements.
  2. One must be ready to work in the given hours of operation of the store.
  3. You must be a bonafide citizen and if you are a student, you must have all necessary declaration documents.
  4. Applications are provided in different links for the United States, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. If you want to take out a printed version of the PDF, use this common link.

Salary Details

Different roles have a demand for different salary amounts. If you need to know the per-hour salary, you must inquire the same with your interviewer.

Usually, the company pays standard salary ranges that begin from somewhere $12 per hour for a cashier to $33.25 per hour for a store manager.

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Victoria secret Job Benefits

There are several job benefits that an employee can normally avail of when working with them.

  1. They cover the health of each employee including medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy-related needs.
  2. They also offer health insurance, life insurance, health, and advocate-related services alongside life insurance for dependents.
  3. 401 (k) savings match and stock purchase program are some of the benefits.
  4. Paid time off and holidays along with maternity leaves, tuition reimbursements, and benefits for commuters are some of the lifestyle benefits offered by them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it hard to get hired at Victoria’s secret?

No, it is not extremely hard to get work in their stores if you have the right qualification and provide them with the right requirements.

How to check Victoria secret job application status?

You can directly call the office location where you send your applications and speak to the hiring manager directly.

Management or any other worker who has used the online platform for application can use the online setup to seek out the application status.


Here’s all about the application details for applying with a Victoria Secret job. This article is capable of solving all your doubts easily if you are up for their jobs.

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