Walgreens Credit Card Application Online [Check Requirements]

Walgreens launches myWalgreens credit card program. They feature two retail health and wellness credit cards known to be the first of their kind in the industry.

These cards go by the name of;

  • myWalgreens Mastercard
  • myWalgreens card

The cards would provide more personalized wellness choices to its owners. Special rewards can be accessed from across 9000 location stores, Walgreens.com, Walgreens mobile app, Walgreens owned Duane Reade locations. You can also use these cards wherever the Mastercards are accepted. 

The cards are issued by Synchrony Bank (NYSE; SYF).

walgreens credit card application online

How to apply for walgreens credit card application?

To apply for the Walgreen Credit Card application, you can download the application form. 

Here are the steps to fill out the application online.

  • Use the fill and sign online tab, and then click on the tick to preview the document image.
  • PDF editor advanced tools will open up which will help you fill the form.
  • Add your identity details and your official contact details.
  • With a checkmark, you can always point out the answer.
  • Using the sign tool, you can electronically sign your form.
  • Once the document is filled out, click on the Done tab to either print, download, or share the documents.

How to get Walgreens credit card?

To get the Walgreen credit card, the user will have to pay $7.95 each month. But as soon as you keep $1000 in your account, you will be waived off the charges. 

  • Choose a type of card.
  • Register the card
  • Include funds in your card
  • Avail a lot of offers, discounts, and opportunities.
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To apply for a Walgreens card, you may require to fulfill the following;

  • To take Walgreens wellness or any other card, you need to be a loyal customer of Walgreens.
  • You must be in the US.
  • You must have a phone number from the United States.
  • You must be willing to pay the card cost or should be able to deposit an amount in the cared.
  • Certain credit score requirements might be met for having a credit card.

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The card brings additional benefits with it. 

  • The cardholders can obtain 10% Walgreens cash rewards on certain eligible Walgreens products. 
  • A 5% eligible reward is offered on other products of Walgreen.
  • A 3% cash reward comes on grocery and wellness products.
  • $25 rewards for first-time card users.

Once you have selected your card, you can explore its benefits from the Walgreens site easily.


Does Walgreens have a credit card?

Yes, Walgreens has many credit cards. You can choose any.

How do I add a credit card to Walgreens?

Simply apply for a credit card to obtain it.

What stores take CareCredit?

Apart from Walgreens, many other stores accept credit cards.

What credit score do you need for At Home credit card?

Your credit score must fall in the good or better credit category. If it falls below 680 you might have to apply for another credit card other than the At Home Credit Card.

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