Walmart Foundation Grant Application [Quick Guide]

Walmart Foundations has a long-standing history of organizing and giving out grants and fund money to the needy. They always take the forefront towards addressing different existential challenges prevalent across the nation vis-à-vis economic, and social challenges including environmental challenges.

Centers of Walmart are focused on creating opportunities, strengthening the community, and fighting racial differences alongside ensuring advanced sustainability.

What is Walmart Foundation Grant?

The Walmart Foundations is regularly giving out money in the form of grants that are restricted to not just the United States but also to other nations. Several kinds of grants are being given out by the organization for the fulfillment of various requirements.

There are three current active grants that Walmart is sponsoring, one in India and another two in the United States.

  1. The Local Community Grants and Northwest Arkansas Giving Program in the US.
  2. The Walmart Foundation Grant for farmers in India.

Who is Eligible for Walmart Foundation Grant Application?

It depends on the program type of Walmart that is currently managing different active grants across the world.

  1. Your organization must fall under the below criteria including the following;
  2. Tax exemption under 510 (c3) of the Internal Revenue Code, a government identity, public/private school or other school types, or churches and other religious organizations.
  3. Describe your organization type a bit and detail the plan you have for your organization.
  4. Detail the type of proposed program your organization supports.
  5. Do you wish to get funding of less than $250 for maintaining an individual facility?
  6. Every organization must be registered with Cyber Grants Front Door and you will have to specify if yours is registered. If not, you might have to register it before applying for the fund.
  7. Incorporate your FrontDoor login credentials to move ahead with the application.
  8. Move ahead with your organization’s details and then add more information about yourself.

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What are Application Requirements?

In India, the grant is coming over for farmers in the six states. The local community grants range from $250 to $5000 and the in-general application requirements for all grant types will include;

  • The funding of your business currently and the sum of money invested per year.
  • Add the detailed purpose of your organization towards the social welfare you wish to target.
  • The total organizational sum is payable annually as salaries and for other provisions.
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Walmart Foundation Grant Application Process

Applying for Walmart Grants can be done in the following ways;

  1. Concept notes are a way to get in touch with them to find out the best way to seek funds.
  2. Request for proposals is another way of applying for the Foundation grant.
  3. Open applications are announced once in a while whereby anyone seeking that particular grant can apply.
  4. Some applications can happen only through the invitation process.

Walmart Grant Local Community Grants will include the following questions.

  • The first question that their application asks is if your organization benefits the communities in any way.
Grant application
  • Choose the type of organization from the provided list.
  • Based on this choice, you will be given the next set of questions to answer. They will generally revolve around the way your organization is framed and the process in which you tend to it.

  • After answering all the questions enter the information necessary to find the applications you need to submit for your organization.
  • Submit the information that you have put forth in your proposal cum application form.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What does the Walmart Foundation fund?

The Walmart Foundation provides funds for the following social and economic changes that must happen in the world. These fundings will generally be aimed at;

  1. Development of a society’s community and economy
  2. Funds are given for understanding the diverse groups of a society
  3. Education
  4. Sustainability of the environment
  5. Human and Health related services
  6. If someone is working towards hunger relief and also healthy eating
  7. Training around public safety
  8. Enhancing the quality of life of families and individuals

How much is the Walmart Foundation Grant?

The grant that is to come along to Indian farmers will be a total sum of 40 million. However, each grant amount is different and differs from one grant to another.

What are Walmart Contact Details?

The Walmart contact details are 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART), and find more about the contact details here.


The Walmart Foundation offers several effective ways of dealing with real-time problems prevalent in the world currently. Those who are working in these segments can file for their application. Funds are granted strictly on the judgment made by the jury reviewing those applications.

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