Walmart Money Card Application [Complete Details]

What is Green Dot Walmart money card?

The Walmart Money Card issued by the Green Dot Bank comes as a demand deposit account. The card offers 5% cashback in the Walmart online store, 2% cashback with fuel stations and at physical Walmart stores with 1% everywhere a Walmart card is accepted. You can create an account that can be used by four members of a family aged 13+ and above. The debit card is designed to facilitate purchases anywhere and everywhere a VISA or a MasterCard is accepted.

The debit card, however, can be taken only by making an application. Once your account is active, and up and running, you can redeem rewards on every anniversary using the website or app.

After the end of every year, your cashback amount will be shifted to your account, and to receive such rewards one needs an activated card.

Monthly Fees$5.94 that is waived when you deposit $500 in your account
Credit LimitThe credit limit will depend on your deposit amount and the deposit can be anywhere from $200 to $5000.
Purchase APR26.99%
Balance Transfer APR26.99%
Minimum Required Credit ScoreNo credit score check is run for the card
Security DepositNA

Steps for Walmart Money Card application

If you want their Money card, you must get one at a retail store or online.

Walmart money card application

Step 1- To purchase a card online, you need to register an online account yourself. For registration, click on the button given below.

Step 2- Add your name, address, email, telephone, social security number, and birth date in the respective fields.

Walmart money card online
application Walmart money card

Step 3- After filling in all the details, click on the continue button.

Step 4- After making an account, you can easily pick up a starter code from them online. Once you purchase the card, add money to the card and then you must activate it. Create a PIN, provide adequate information and verify your identity.

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What are the application requirements?

The application requirements for the Walmart money card include the following;

  1. You need to be 18 years or older if you wish to purchase the Walmart Money Card.
  2. Add your SSN (social security number) to the account.
  3. Online access requires activation and identity verification.

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Who is eligible?

To meet the eligibility you require the following criteria.

  1. Your mobile verification and email verification must be essentially done.
  2. This card is useful for those who regularly shop from Walmart.
  3. Adding money is equivalent to the amount you wish to spend alongside.
  4. You must have a valid email address and phone number.

How to order a Walmart money card?

You can order a money card from a store or online. The card will arrive either in your email or at your given mailing address.

How does Walmart money card work?

The Walmart money card will work directly using the funds from the direct deposit and will not require any existing bank accounts for the same. You can also add the money at every store register, online transfers, and at Walmart money centers and Internal Revenue Center (IRS) tax refund services among others.

There is a monthly service fee that can be waived off if you have $500 in your account. The amount of money added to the card can be used everywhere for making payments and bills.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Walmart money card have direct deposit?

Yes, the Walmart money card has a direct deposit provision.

Is Walmart money card a credit card?

No, the Walmart money card ideally works like a debit card. The card will provide you with a routing and account number. Once you choose to set up the account, you will have the option to choose from a VISA or MasterCard.

What does pending mean on Walmart money card?

Merchants will request approval of payment and a certain purchase amount. This process will hold the money for them and the purchase will be considered a pending purchase. Once you approve them the merchant can actually collect the money from you, only then will they turn into posted purchases. This provision is done to ensure you have enough money in your account.

Does Walmart money card work with cash app?

You can recharge your account with the money coming from Cash App. But you cannot use it to deposit money on the Cash app as the Cash app does not accept the Walmart Money Card.


If you want to have a Walmart Money card but do not know how to go about it, use this article to find out more about it here.

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