How to Activate my Walmart Money Card & Login to Account?

The Walmart Money Card is not like a credit card but is more like a prepaid debit card. If you have put enough money into the card, you can use it anytime, anywhere without an issue.

The card helps function in places a VISA or MasterCard is accepted. People must be 18 years and above to have a money card.

The money card allows you to have $10,000 which is higher than any of the prepaid cards currently available. The daily spend limit is $3000 and helps you earn 3% cashback.

How to Activate my Walmart money card?

Activating the Walmart money card is possible over the phone by dialing 1-877-965-7848. You can also activate it online by visiting this link (i.e. activate)

Walmart money card

You will have to add the below details to activate the Money card.

  • 16-digit card number,
  • expiry date,
  • 3-digit security code or CVV to start with the process.

Further, you will need to enter the end four digits of the social security code, and your mobile phone number.

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How to login to Walmart money card?

To login to the Walmart money card, you must use these small steps.

  • Add your online user ID and password to login to your site.
money card Walmart apply
  • To create an online account, you must click on the Create an account tab if you do not have an account.
Walmart card activation

Hereon the activation process will be the same as given above. Add your details and activate your account. The details you need to add are specified in the first segment clearly of this article.

How to change Walmart money card login password?

If you remember your login ID and password, you can add the same to the site that opens from this given link.

Those who do not remember their current password can reset their passwords by clicking here.

Login Walmart Money Card

If you have your user ID or card click on the first two options and if you don’t have any, click on the last option. Fill up the required details for each of the options and generate a new password for yourself.

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user ID verification Walmart
Enter card information Walmart
Persnal information Walmart

How to check my Walmart money card balance online?

If you want to check your balance, you might either want to head onto or the mobile app. From these two sites, you can check your transactions and balance 24/7.

After adding the mobile number, you have to choose the Account Settings option by logging into your account. Send the command to 96411 and to find the balance, text the word “BAL” to 96411.

If you want to check your transaction history, you have to text “HIST” to 96411 with the last 4 digits being the end digits of your card number.

Also read: How to Activate my Walmart Money Card & Login to Account?

How to receive money on Walmart money card?

These are the four easiest ways to receive money on the Walmart money card.

  1. Use the Walmart Money Card app to send the money.
  2. Check with the Walmart rapid reload option.
  3. Use MoneyPak to send money.
  4. Check cash and load it at Walmart with the help of direct deposit option.

In all these cases, your money will be available in your account within 10 to 60 minutes.

Receiving money is possible through Western Union money transfer and other means like Ria and MoneyGram agents across the United States.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does my Walmart money card have a pin number?

After you apply for the Walmart Money Card, you will receive it and once you receive it, you will have to activate it.

While activating the money card, you will need to create a 4-digit PIN. This PIN is not necessary for making regular purchases. But if you ever decide to use your card for a cash advance, you will need to use your PIN.

Another place where you might have to use the PIN is in automatic kiosks anywhere abroad like in the parking lot and train station.

What is Walmart money card limit?

The withdrawal limits for the Walmart Moneycard in a single day are;

1. $500 from an ATM

2. $1000 from a Walmart Register

3. Derive $1500 as a teller transaction for any of the participating banks.


Walmart Money card acts more like a debit card or a savings account as you are provided with a routing and account number. You can use the card anywhere like a VISA or a MasterCard as it works like one. Read from this article what all you might have to do with your online account and the card at any given point in time.

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