Wawa credit card login and Pay Bill Payment [2024]

The Wawa credit card is provided by Citi Bank and works great in Wawa pumps. The normal APR rate is 25.24% and there is no intro APR on it. Having an online account will provide you with added benefits. With the help of an online credit card account, you can shop with more freedom. From paying your credit card bills online to checking your credit card statements, you can do a lot with a credit card account.

But, you must know the login and payment process for your credit card before moving ahead with the credit card.

Essential FeaturesWawa credit card
Late Payment Fee$37
Returned Payment Fee$37
Interest & Purchase APR26.49% variable
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Advance Fee5% or $10 whichever is lesser
Grace Period25 days
Balance Transfer APRNA

How to login to Wawa credit card Account?

The Wawa credit card login is a process by which you can sign in to your online account anytime anywhere. The credit card is issued by Citibank and if you have access to your online account, you can be at ease.

Wawa credit card login

Step 1: Add your username and password and press the Sign on option.

Step 2: If your credit card is not yet registered for an online account, you can register it by pressing the Register your card tab below the login tab.

Step 3: Start the registration process by adding your card number to the given space.

Step 4: If you don’t have a credit card with you, you can press the option that takes you to a different registration process as you don’t have the credit card.

Wawa online account

Step 5: You must add your name, primary cardholder’s SSN, and also your phone number. Choose to get a verification code by either text or phone. Agree to their terms and press the send code tab.

Wawa account pay

Once you get the code, add it to the space that opens up for adding it. Fill out the rest of the application to proceed with the registration process.

After you completed the registration, you will get an activation link in your mail. You must click it and this process will help activate your account.

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How to Pay Wawa Credit card bill Payment?

To pay the Wawa credit card bills, there will be two options open for the credit cardholders- the online and the offline mode.

For making online payments, you can use the below tabs.

  1. Move to the Payment Method tab.
  2. Browse to the Pay Bill option.
  3. Add your bill details and also your payment details in the given spaces.
  4. In the bill details enter the month, bill amount, and also the bill reference number.
  5. Add the account and routing number of your current account to the provided space.
  6. Once you have entered all the billing details, you can press the Pay Bill tab to complete the billing process. Allow it to pass through the payment gateway and once done you will get a confirmation for the payment of your credit card.

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number

The Wawa credit card payment is possible through the mail and phone number.

If you want to pay by phone, you must call 1-855-207-9816. Choose the right extensions and follow the prompts to complete your billing.

For making a payment by using their mail address, you must write to…

Wawa Credit Card Payments,
P.O Box 9001101,
KY 40290-1101.

Send your check or money order with your bill to the above address.

How to cancel Wawa Credit Card?

Canceling the card is easy with them since all you have to do is give them a call at 1-855-207-9816.

Card Benefits

There are several benefits of having a Wawa credit card. Some are listed below.

  1. With Wawa, you can get additional credit cards as a benefit.
  2. Terms for the credit card are flexible and you can choose your way.
  3. In the first six months, the Wawa credit card will not charge any interest for your payments.
  4. Credit cards have no annual fee and you can easily keep them with you without paying any hidden fees.
  5. In the first 2 months, you get a rebate as high as 10% for in-store purchases and 2% anywhere else.

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Customer Service Number

The customer service number is 1-855-207-9816 and you can call them up for your doubts and troubles.

For those whose hearing is impaired, you can try 1-888-944-2227.

Those who are outside the United States can use 1-423-477-6612.


If you are with Wawa for your gas intake, try to read this article carefully to understand the credit card’s process better.

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