West Lothian Council Housing Application Online Process Details

Housing facilities are a need of every human but not all have a roof over their heads. For those people in Scotland who do not have a home for themselves, the West Lothian council might have a solution for them. Extreme weather conditions are hard to withstand and home can save everyone from facing turbulence apart from many other extraordinary circumstances.

Housing is an essential need and every government and private housing facility is trying to build a roof on all heads across the world as the population draws close to 8 billion.

What is West Lothian Council Housing?

The West Lothian Council Housing facilitates 14000 properties that are a combination of flats, shelter houses, and independent houses. Some housing facilities are specially built to support elderly and disabled individuals.

With roughly 200 housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland that remain with the Scottish Housing Regulators, you can expect to find a home for yourself.

Who is eligible?

Eligible candidates will need to receive points and these points are given to them based on their conditions. Most commonly awarded points in different situations include the ones given below.

SituationsAwarded points
Property is below standard500
Each unoccupied bedroom250 per room
Meeting local needs is unfulfilled like people with hospital admissions, domestic abuse, or notice to quit being some250 for every person
Large families with room deficits250 for each room’s requirements
Needs that are not met under the allocation policy including extreme actions1500 points for such a situation
Degrading Physical health500 points
Not so degrading physical and mental health250 points

For finding out more about the conditions, refer to the following PDF document link.

West Lothian Council Housing Application Requirements

The West Lothian Council Housing application requirements include the following;

  1. One must be a UK resident and to prove it you will have to show a government-sponsored identity card.
  2. You will need your National Insurance Number (NIC).
  3. Include your contact details like your working mobile or landline number along with your active email address.
  4. Your current complete residential address must go in compulsorily in the given space.
  5. You need to upload a rent account number and a housing application number.
  6. Each person applying for a house will be eligible for one room for the 250 points that they have. If someone has more points, they can apply for a house with more rooms.
  7. You must be more than 16 years old for producing your housing application.
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How to apply for a Council House in West Lothian?

Start your application by visiting the West Lothian Housing Website.

  • Enter your personal information in the first section at the beginning of the application.
West Lothian Council Housing
  • Include your contact details in the next segment of the West Lothian Council Housing application.
West Lothian Council Housing application
  • Add your current address details in the given segments.
Current address West Lothian Council Housing
  • Click on the next tab to fill out the entire application form. You will need to enter your earnings and income sources. Also, include the number of family members in your family with their whereabouts and details.

Submit your Council House in West Lothian application with your income proofs closes. Additionally, register an account for yourself.

Alternatively, you can also get a form from your nearest local council office and after filling it out, you can submit it back.

Furthermore, you can write them an email at [email protected] and call them at 01506 280000 number. A form will be sent to your contact address soon after.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are West Lothian Council Housing benefits?

For council tenants, the rents are paid weekly from the funds. If you are with a private landlord or a housing association, your rent amount will directly get deposited to the bank account nominated by you.

How does it work?

Once you apply, thorough scrutiny of your application will be done, and then based on your requirements and your three to six housing area choices, a house will be allotted to you.


Here is what you must keep in mind when applying for the West Lothian Council Housing. There are various conditions for which housing is provided and all of these housing facilities are available with them. Just state your condition in the application form and then wait for their approval.

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