Wharton MBA Application Online Process Guide

One of the most esteemed MBA schools in the whole world has an altogether different selection process and is an elaborate mechanism that one can fall back to. The Wharton MBA School is known for its excellence and flawless academic qualification.

Business administration is their niche and after Yale, this is one of the most sought-after courses in the whole world. Here, you can meet a lot of people from varied niches who come together to join a course that not only uplifts them but also supports them in creating a better business environment.

Wharton MBA application Online Process (in Steps)

To apply for their MBA program, you need to first log in or create a new account for yourself. Follow the steps given below to start the application process.

  • Visit Wharton education Website
  • Now click on “Start Your Application”.
wharton start application
  • After That, you will be redirected to a new website. Click on “Apply Online”
  • Enter your Email And Password to log in. If you don’t have an account click on “Create Account”. To create an account you need to enter your email address, password, name, & DOB. After adding all the info checkmark the box to agree with the college policies & terms and conditions and at the end click on the “Create Account” button.
wharton mba create account
  • An email with a verification link will be sent to your email. Verify it by clicking on the link given there.
  • After that, log in with the email and password that you have created.
  • You will need to add your Biographical information to the Wharton application form.
  • Include your program information, personal, work experience/resume, academic, and test information.
  • Add your professional details, if any by mentioning the number of service years you had.
  • Include your other necessary information to make your MBA application worth counting. The other Locked pages will open as requirements are met in the form.
  • Submit it once you finish your application.

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements for the Wharton MBA School would include the following;

  1. The application fee is essential for putting forth the Wharton application
  2. They will also need two essays
  3. Unofficial as well as official transcripts
  4. Two recommendation letters
  5. GMAT or GRE score
  6. English Language Test scores
  7. Resume
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Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the Wharton School of MBA, here are a few eligibility criteria one needs to fulfil.

  1. A bachelor’s degree is essential to enrol in the Juris Doctors program.
  2. It is a regular course and students need to be enrolled in it full time. So they must be available.
  3. The Wharton MBA School requires you to state if you were ever criminally convicted.
  4. Your family details must be go into the form appropriately.

What is Wharton MBA Fees & Acceptance Rate?

The Wharton MBA program fee is $118,568 and when split will be as below for a year;

Wharton Tuition Fees$84,874
Boarding and Lodging$22,887
Books and other supplies$6,778
Health insurance scheme$4,029

Wharton MBA application Deadline & Timeline

wharton mba application deadline

To be considered for a round, you must submit your complete application before 5 p.m. Also, to be considered for any round you need to submit the application before the deadline of the round. Like if you want to apply for round 2 then you should submit your application before the deadline of round 2.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Wharton MBA require GMAT?

Yes, Wharton School will require a GMAT score mandatorily. The Global Management Aptitude Test is one of the toughest and must be cleared if one wants to be at Wharton.

Does Wharton MBA give scholarships?

Yes, Wharton does give scholarships and there are a number of them. If you don’t feel you can cover it, it will be good to check through the different scholarship schemes available.

How competitive is Wharton MBA?

The admission rate for admissions to Wharton is 19.2% and admits 1000 students annually. If you wish to apply, you must look into the admission scheme carefully and fulfil all the admission criteria and requirements.

Is Wharton MBA worth it?

It is one of the most coveted MBA programs and works best for students who want to move ahead in the business administration sector. Wharton is soon after Harvard and MIT and to be there requires a lot of hard work and a high-efficiency level.

Where do Wharton MBA graduates work?

They work in some of the most prestigious public sector industries all around the world. Most get through the financial and consulting industry. Almost 24.5 percent get a job in the consulting sector and 36.2 percent get admitted to the financial sector.

Does Wharton have an online MBA?

No, they do not have a part-time or online MBA program and to get their MBA degree, you must always be present on their campus.


Wharton offers a professional full-time MBA program where students need to attend classes regularly. If you wish to get admitted to Wharton, reading about their course will deepen your understanding of it. Find out more about the course from their site and also from reference sites like ours for more clarity.

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