Whataburger Job Application Salary, Positions, Eligibility

Whataburger is a chain of fast-food restaurants spread across different states of the US. The company is functional in more than 800 US locations primarily in the Southeastern and Southwestern locations of the United States.

Their jobs benefit many and most often people in the hospitality sector look forward to having a job in their stores. Applications are invited from time to time for different positions and if you do not find a suitable job for yourself, you can also give your resume to the hiring manager to consider you for a job role you are interested in, whenever it appears.

Whataburger primarily seeks out dependable individuals who can deliver perfectly in peak hours. The minimum hiring age is 16 years in some states; however, there are only a few options available to a 16-year-old. Most of the jobs are available to 18-year-olds in the restaurant chains.

Whataburger Job Application

To apply for Whataburger jobs, read through the application process here before you proceed.

Here is the link you have to use to start the job application process.

Whatburger Jobs

Step 1- Either use the Search bar to start the application process or select a job from the list provided on the left hand side.

Search jobs Whataburger

Step 2- To apply, click on the job role provided at the top of each column. Read through the job description, requirements, and required qualifications.

Apply Now Whataburger

Step 3- If the details suit your choice, click on the Apply link to start the application.

Application Whataburger

Step 4- Check on the Accept tab to agree to the privacy policy that appears on the next page to keep moving with the application.

privacy Policy Whataburger

Step 5- The next step will be to generate a new username and password if you are a new user and if you are a returning user, you can login to your original account.

login Whataburger

Step 6- Click on the New User option, if you are one of the newer ones.

New User Whataburger

Step 7- The first step is to upload your resume, and if you do not wish to upload your resume, you can proceed without doing so.

Online apply Whataburger

Step 8- Include your personal information completely as per the required prompts.

Personal information Whatabrger
Details Whataburger

Step 9- Include the general information in the next segment.

general information Whataburger

Step 10- In the next segment, add the educational qualification details.

Educational Qualification

Step 11- Include your employment history and work experience in the next segments.

Employment details

Step 12- Include the references you have, if any. You can add upto two references. You can also add more references by creating reference columns by clicking on the Add Reference tab.

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References Whataburger

Step 13- In the next segment, attach your essential files and documents. Complete your e-signature and then review your application form before submitting it.

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What are the Application Requirements?

General qualification requirements are indicated here, since; each job will have some special requirements to fulfill as well.

  • You must have the right education and skill set for a job position. To apply for a manager position in a certain field, you must have the required degrees and certifications apart from the right job skills.
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills are required for some jobs.
  • The ability to lift weights might be a frequent requirement for many positions.
  • Washing hands frequently, managing computers and phones might also be a prerequisite for many positions.
  • Standing through the entire shift might be essential for many jobs also.

Who is Eligible for Whataburger Job?

To be eligible, you must be fulfilling these terms.

  • Most of the jobs require you to be 18-years and above.
  • You must either be a US citizen or must have proof to validate you are fit for the job.
  • An identification card like a Driver’s License is a must.
  • Those who have the SSN can use the same to prove their identity.

Salary Details

Whataburger salary details vary and are offered in several ranges for a particular job type. Salary structures also vary from one job type to another.

The cashier can get somewhere between $8-$12 and similarly, a restaurant manager can get somewhere from $12 to $15.

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Job Benefits

Several benefits put you at par with the company standards if you take up their jobs.

  1. Medical, vision, and dental savings plan aside (401k) plans.
  2. Career development, growth, leadership, and developmental program offerings.
  3. Incentive and quarterly bonus schemes are prevalent.
  4. Time off benefits and Whatagames opportunities are also provided to people.
  5. Management training programs and a competitive salary are also a part of the offerings.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Whataburger hiring?

Whataburger hires for different positions at different times in different locations. If you want to apply for a certain position in Whataburger, you might have to wait for the position announcement.

How long does it take Whataburger to hire you?

If not an expedited hiring process, Whataburger jobs hiring can take anywhere between 4 weeks and a little more time. To follow up, you can do so for your job application with the hiring manager of your branch, a week or 10 days later from the job application.


Here’s what you need to know about the Whataburger jobs and their application process before you start applying. Go through the Whataburger Job application process if you wish to go ahead with it.

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