TTC Wheel Trans Application Guide (Eligibility Requirements)

The Wheel-Trans application is relevant for disabled travelers in Toronto. According to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the public transport system maintained by them is both reliable and efficient. They use both conventional and specialized services to move people in and around the city. They help disabled individuals travel with dignity and freedom.

Applicants can use specialized services if they are unable to use conventional services due to their limitations. Disabilities must fit in the definition provided by the Ontario Human Rights Code and are not restricted to physical, cognitive, mental, and sensory organ-related disabilities.

ttc wheel trans application

TTC Wheel-Trans Application Online Process Guide

There are several sections to complete in the Wheel-Trans application.

To apply online, you need to create an online account for yourself. 

Step 1- Include your name, email ID, registration ID, birth date, and password, and confirm the captcha before clicking on the Register tab.

Wheel Trans Application
Submit Wheel Trans Application

Post-registration click open your account and click on the Apply tab to start the application process. You can find the details of the form and its several sections with the form that requires downloading here. This form can be filled out by those who cannot complete an online application form.

  1. Section A is where you need to mention the everyday details of conventional transit.
  2. Section B will involve the consent of your healthcare professional.
  3. In Section C your healthcare professional needs to confirm that the information they have provided is true to their knowledge.
  4. Add the information about your transit to Greater Toronto and Hamilton or any other regions you wish to travel to in Section D.
  5. For Section E complete the TTC Support Assistance card details.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements will include the information mentioned below;

  • A complete mailing address is essential to add when filling up the application form.
  • You must also include your healthcare professional’s name and address.
  • For filling out the application, you will need to add the type of disability you have.
  • Include the certification provided by your healthcare professional.
  • Add the details for the Support person’s identity card.
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Who is Eligible for TTC Wheel Trans Application?

Eligible candidates as per the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 are three different kinds.

  1. Unconditional category assists and aids people with disability that stops them from using the conventional transit models of transport.
  2. The conditional category is for people who are restricted from traveling by environmental or physical barriers. People who qualify for conditional transit can use both conventional and specialized transport modes as and when required.
  3. Temporary disability conditions will allow a person to use specialized transport only for a certain period.


The TTC Wheel Trans application benefits the disabled to travel securely without facing the troubles of a daily commute. It allows disabled individuals to travel securely without facing the troubles of a daily commute.


How to check Wheel Trans application status?

To check the Wheel and Trans application status, you will need to sign in to your account. Find out the application status from the dashboard itself.

How does Wheel Trans work?

Wheel and Trans is a shared ride service and is for those who cannot take up a conventional transport service.

Once the application form is filled out by those who need the ride, it reaches the authorities who will thoroughly scrutinize it and the healthcare professional’s information.

Within 14 days you will get a confirmation with the registration card, Wheel, and Trans number along with welcome packages. These will also carry instructions on how one can book a ride. Every time you book a ride, use the number given to you by the Wheel and Trans.

You can also take one more person with you while traveling and with them, even when you travel with your support person, you will still pay the fees for only one person.


If you want to use the Wheel and Trans services, read the details about it in the article given here. For those who know how it works, you can go ahead and fill the application form as per the instructions provided here.

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