How to withdraw work Permit Application from IRCC?

An IRCC application for citizenship is to be issued by IRCC offices present in Canadian embassies, high commissions, and several consulates. The office of IRCC processes applications for permanent immigration, and visitor visas and also provides visas for temporary resident status. They also process applications for work permits, refugee resettlements, and travel documents for permanent residents.

Even when you apply for a visa from IRCC, it does not mean you cannot withdraw it.

  • In the event of an absence, an applicant can withdraw an application. If they inform us that they will not be available for a particular period, then they can go ahead and withdraw the application.
  • If someone changes their mind about adopting Canadian citizenship.
  • If an applicant can no longer meet the necessary requirements as per the Act, they can withdraw their application.
work permit application

How to withdraw work permit application from IRCC?

Here is how you can withdraw your IRCC application.

  • Either apply, by using the web form or by mentioning in your inquiry box, these specific words: “IEC work permit application withdrawal – (your application ID number).
  • Once a request is made, the IRCC will respond within 3–5 business days.
  • If the office accepts your withdrawal request, you will get a refund of the IEC fee and the open work permit fee.
  • For employers who paid the employer compliance fee, they too will receive a refund.
  • The refund is normally done within 8 weeks and will come back to the credit card that was used for it.
  • Visit choose language and then go to Home > Departments and agencies > Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada > Contact IRCC > Client contact > Application
  • Start by specifying who you are- principal applicant, representative or on behalf of the principal applicant.
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Wihdraw IRCC application
  • State your first name, last name, email address, and date of birth.
IRCC application online withdraw
  • Add the country or territory of birth, application number, and what did I apply for?
  • Include your Unique Client Identifier (UCI) number.
withdraw work permit
  • Tell about your request and also upload the necessary documents. Check the consent box and then submit the IRCC withdrawal form.
withdraw work permit

IRCC processing time for open work permit

The open work permit for IRCC might take 6 weeks to 44 weeks. You will have to pay the $100 open permit holder fee and the $155 permit fee together.

A work permit can take anywhere between 150-210 days, which is a 5-7 month span for US citizenship and immigration services.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I withdraw my work permit application?

Work permit application withdrawal is possible using the withdrawal request form CIT 0027. Once the form is filled out, it reaches the local office, where your file is processed.

Can I delete an application from IRCC?

Yes, you can delete an application by deleting your profile from IRCC easily. But the process is limited to those who have not yet received an invitation to apply or already have an in-progress work permit application.

  • Move to the main account and move to the segment where you’d have to state what you’d like to do today.
  • Check on the Continue my profile tab to see if it still says it hasn’t been submitted.
  • Press the Delete my profile button.
  • Click on the “Continue” tab till you complete the deletion of the profile.

How long should you own the prepaid credit card after you request a withdrawal?

You must own the prepaid credit card for a period of 18 months after you request a withdrawal. You need to understand the terms of IRCC & the prepaid card better and hold onto it until you receive the refund.


Here is all that you will need to know if you plan to withdraw the IRCC form. If you want to understand better, read thoroughly before you plan to withdraw work permit application.

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