(Witwatersrand) Wits Online Application 2023-2024 [Detailed guide]

Witwatersrand (Wits) is now open for 2022/2023 annual admissions for all their degrees including honors and master’s programs and even certificate courses. It is one of the best universities in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The application window is open for the following types of students;

  1. First-timers to college
  2. Those students who are applying for some other courses in Wits.
  3. Those who previously applied for a seat but were not able to secure one for themselves.
  4. Those who have completed higher degree certificate courses and wish to move ahead with their undergraduate studies.

Those who wish and want to apply for Wits read through all the essential information given below. If you wish to ensure your application is submitted successfully, you must move your application through their online portal.

Wits online application Process (in Steps)

This is how you can apply for your Wits seat.


  • Visit http://www.wits.ac.za/applications/ website to start the application process.
  • Those who previously created an account for themselves can log in to the same portal again to start their application process.
apply for your Wits
  • If you don’t have an account, follow these steps to create a temporary ID. For those who have received a temporary password for the email address you have entered, you need to click on the button below.
Wits application
  • You can apply for a maximum of three programs and those applying in the Health Sciences and Technology; you must keep broader open options.
  • Add all the information related to your previous educational qualifications apart from your personal information.
  • Keep the duration of the program window open when you are applying for your first-year degree.
  • Next, you will have to pay a non-refundable payment of R100 if you are a South African citizen and if you are a foreigner, you must pay R700 as a fee for one application.
  • If you require any assistance, call +27 (0) 11 717 1888.

For those applying for health sciences, the closing date is 30th June 2022. For all other University programs and Residence applications, the last date of application is 30th September 2022.

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Once you complete the application, you will receive an email notification with the number of a person and a reference person’s contact number.

To find all records of your correspondence, you will need to visit their official website https://self-service.wits.ac.za/. This is the link to their self-service portal and all you have to do is go to this link every time you need to look at something like checking the application status and other such information.


For those of you who did not upload the documents then can now log in to your self-service portal to upload them.

Step 4:

It is the final step where you get the WITS acceptance letter.

What are the Wits online application Application Requirements?

To apply for a seat with Wits, you will need to fulfill the following conditions.

  1. Include your matriculation details and for those of you who are applying for a Master’s course, you must produce your graduation certification.
  2. Citizens of South Africa must add their identity cards and those applying from other countries should provide a valid passport and other identity card details.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for Wits online application will require you to satisfy the following conditions.

  1. People will need to fall in the age range specified for the application.
  2. You need to meet the cut off percentage prescribed by the University.

How to pay Wits application fee online?

Use payment modes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

For Undergraduates & post-graduate courses use the bank details given here: Braamfontein branch of Standard Bank’s with code 004805 & account number- 200 346 385.

Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

Is Wits open for applications?

Yes, Wits is open for applications for the year 2023 right now and for most of the courses, the application deadline is September 2023.

How much is online application fee at Wits?

For South Africans, the online application fee is R100 and for foreigners, the online application is equivalent to R700 South African money.

How to check Wits online application status?

You can check from the online account that you create with Wits for your online application status.

Is Wits online application free?

No, it is not free and you must pay a certain fee to apply for their courses.


Getting admissions to colleges is tough and tougher is to securing a position in a good college or University. If you wish to read about Wits online application process, find out all about it from this article.

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