Woolworths credit card application – Know Requirements & Benefits

Woolworths credit cards are primarily two in number and have proved useful for many. Both are Visa cards which means you have greater freedom in terms of your expenditure. You can use these credit cards anywhere and include the Woolworths Everyday Platinum credit card with their Qantas Platinum credit card for Australians. To qualify for the Qantas Platinum, your credit limit cannot be less than $6000. Apply for Woolworths Credit card application today to get benefits out of it.

When it comes to South Africans, there are two primary credit cards- Gold and Black credit cards and additionally, they also have store credit cards.

For Australian credit cards, there is an annual fee for the use of both credit cards but they come in handy for those who plan to build their credit scores. Credit card offers lots of benefits and that includes many daily discounts and offers.

To take these credit cards one needs to place an application for them. Before heading to the next segment, find out more about the credit card essential features for Australian cards to have an idea about them.

Credit card featuresWoolworths Everyday Platinum credit cardQantas Platinum credit card
Annual Fees$0 for first year & $49 for the following years$99 in the first year & $169 in the next years
Credit LimitYour creditworthiness is consideredHow creditworthy you make up your score
Purchase APR19.99% per annum20.49% per annum (every year)
Balance Transfer APR0% for the first 14 months followed by the variable cash advance rate0% in the first 14 months and then at the rate of the variable cash advance rate
Minimum Required Credit ScoreGood scoreThe score needs to fall in the good category
Security DepositNANA

Steps for Woolworths credit card online application

If you have decided to apply for a credit card, you need to follow the below steps;

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Step 1: After you click this link cards.woolworths.com.au/credit-cards.html, you will need to fill in your personal, employment, financial, and referee information. Press the relevant instruction tab before applying.

Woolworths credit card apply

Step 2: Add this information in the given spaces. You must start by adding the Member ID.

Woolworths credit card online
credit card requirement Woolworths
credit card eligibility
apply online
how to apply
online application

Step 3- After you have completed the essential information on the first screen, move to the next screen for filling in the other essential information before submitting the application form. If you have already applied for the Woolworths credit card then log in here.

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Woolworths credit card application requirements

One must fulfill the Woolworths credit card application requirements if one needs a credit card from them.

  1. You must be 18 years and above to benefit from the credit card.
  2. Only if you have permanent resident status or even a temporary residence with a valid Visa, can you apply for a credit card.
  3. A good credit score will be an essential requirement for those applying for a credit card.
  4. You should at least have gross earnings of at least $30,000. Your income must match our credit card choice. For Woolworths, every credit card has a specific income requirement, clarify before going for it.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility includes a proper credit score alongside,

  1. Your driver’s license
  2. You will need to provide your most recent payslips
  3. A proper Australian address might also be essential.

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Card Benefits

Given below are the benefits you will have from these credit cards.

Woolworths Everyday Platinum credit cardQantas Platinum credit card
3 reward points for every dollar spent on Woolworths brand productsNo points in this category
2 points for one dollar at supermarkets and Big W1 point for $1 at supermarkets and Big W
1 point per dollar for every other purchase in different stores0.5 points for every dollar at all other purchases
Every 4 months you will receive a credit card with your points converted in the form of a Woolworths shopping cardThe Everyday Rewards card is present on the back of the credit card, so you will never go without it for your checkout
Not applicable on this credit cardRegular concierge facilities
NAHotel collection access for Visa luxuries
NAObtain security insurance and Wallet Guard with Qantas Platinum credit card


Which bank is Woolworths credit card?

Macquarie Bank Limited is the issuer of Woolworths.

Where to use Woolworths’s credit card?

Since it is a VISA credit card, you can use the Woolworths credit card anywhere a VISA card is accepted.

Is Woolworths credit card good?

They are considered a good choice for those who regularly use their services. If someone does not use their services daily, it might not be a fair choice.


Woolworths application process and credit card benefits for Australian cards are discussed in this article. If you want to have the information provided in the blog refer to it to your advantage. You will need a good credit score and refer to this article for other applicable details.

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