Zillow Rental Application – How Does it Work?

Most of us are aware of rental applications in PDF form and most of us are used to taking out a printout and then saving it for ourselves while sending it out to the tenants. But there are online rental application forms available too that can help the landlord find better tenants by knowing more about their income and background information.

What is Zillow Rental Application?

The Zillow rental application is one of the best options available online to a landlord as well as to the tenant. With its help, a tenant can submit a single application with a single payout. Also, one can find the best way to review applications as a landlord. When a tenant applies for a rental application, it goes to all the prospective landlords who would be interested in taking up the applicant as a tenant. This application goes to respective landlords based on a tenant’s and a landlord’s preferences set by them when creating an account in Zillow’s online portal. It works as a portable rental application and is available anytime and everytime they are up.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility does not involve much except these two points.

  1. Every applicant and co-applicant should be 18 years of age or older. Noone below 18 years can apply for the Zillow rental application.
  2. Anyone sending the application must pay the fee which is $29 when applying through Zillow and is valid for a month.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are a few application requirements to be met for the Zillow application process.

  1. Your income details are a must.
  2. Also, provide your employers’ details.
  3. Incorporate your current residential address and the owner’s name.
  4. Include information about all future rental applicants.
  5. Your background verification details need to be incorporated.

Zillow rental application Process Guide

To apply for the Zillow rental, you will need to take down the information given here.

  1. For proper background checks and credit checks, you must include your name, phone number, email ID, and emergency contact number (for emergencies).
  2. Household application details must go in and includes- pet-related details and also renter details who are co-applicants. If there are children in a family, that too needs to be mentioned.
  3. Incorporate the residential history that will include the residential address, dates when the occupants lived in a particular house, monthly rent and mortgage payment information, previous landlord details and also state the reason for moving.
  4. In the next segment, you must include your income details- add the current employer’s name, job title of the applicant, gross income of the applicant, different other sources of income, employment duration and also include your supervisor’s name, address and also their email details.
  5. Background details including any bankruptcy details within the past 7 years, eviction charges due to no rental payment and also your smoking habits must be specified.
  6. You must also disclose a few essential pieces of information including the application processing fee, total holding deposit and holding deposit, and current residential address.
  7. The signature and completion date of the application must also be specified.
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How does Zillow application work?

Once you will send the rental application it will reach your prospective landlords who will review the application first.

Post this process, they will run a background check for you, and also will pull a credit report for you.

Your employment and income will be verified by the landlord from their sources.

They will also call your former landlords to verify more about you and your background details and your conduct during the stay.

The landlord will next need to choose the applicant and create a rental lease agreement in their name.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Zillow applications safe?

Yes, the Zillow rental application is absolutely safe. It is an application put forward by the renter and goes to different landlords.

Does Zillow charge for rental applications?

Yes, Zillow will charge for rental applications.

How much does a Zillow rental cost?

Zillow rental will cost $29 and is inclusive of the charges towards background verification and other credit checks.

Does Zillow refund the application fee?

The application fee is rarely refunded by Zillow and the application and tenant screening are completely free for the landlords.


The Zillow application is one of the best ways to put together your rental and landlord’s requirements in one place. Based on appropriate matching, the Zillow application process will bring together the right landlords and tenants who can live together under one roof peacefully. Most of the time a landlord is searching for the right tenants and the right tenants is what can make an ideal environment. If you wish to find your ideal tenants, you must use the Zillow online application form for its innumerable benefits.

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