Zulily Credit Card Application Online – Are you Eligible & Pre-qualify

Zulily offers a credit card that has zero annual fee, and the purchase APR is 27.99% which can vary from time to time. The credit card is restricted to the store and can be used only in the Zulily online and offline stores. It is not connected to Visa or MasterCard. A generous $15 discount is given for every customer on their first purchase when they acquire a credit card. But one needs to apply for a Zulily credit card to avail of the bonuses and rewards.

Zulily Credit Card Application Online

To apply for an online Zulily credit card, here is what one must do.

  1. Visit the Zulily.com page and click on the Apply button present with the Zulily credit card.
Zulily credit card
  • Complete the application form that you can see on the next page that opens the URL. Add all the essential information and once all the information is completed, press the Continue tab at the end of the page.
Zulily application
  • Take down one of the credit cards options from the options page and fill in the relevant information related to it.
  • Submit the application form and wait for the bank to revert.

What documents are Required?

Various requirements for obtaining a Zulily card includes;

  1. The credit score must be 640+ or more for getting a Zulily credit card application.
  2. You must have a declarable income source.
  3. You must produce an SSN/ITIN and also a government-approved ID card.
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Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for a Zulily credit card, one must fulfill the below-given eligibility criteria.

  1. To have the Zulily card one must be 18 years old and above.
  2. Individuals must be citizens of the United States or a resident of the place.
  3. You must be shopping from Zulily or is willing to shop from Zulily.

Credit Limit

The credit limit on Zulily credit cards is assigned by Synchrony bank based on your financial and personal records. Based on your card’s performance the credit amount is adjusted from time to time. If there is a bad credit intake, the credit amount initially assigned can be reduced. The credit amount assigned to individuals might vary from one to another as there is no standard set for it.

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Can I Pre-qualify Zulily Card?

There is no way to understand if you can pre-qualify for a Zulily card, but if you have a high credit score, you can be somewhat sure of having it. You can also ask at the Zulily stores to find out more about the card.

Some of the Zulily credit cards also get instant approvals and hence might not need to be pre-qualified.


A bit about the Zulily credit card is given here, and if you want to have the credit card, you must read the complete information given here.

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