How to Apply for ACME Job Application?

ACME is a regional grocery chain that provides a lot of opportunities in terms of jobs. They provide work facilities across Northeast Ohio. Those who wish to join them must fill in an application form. The employees get benefited from excellent career graphs and enjoy flexible schedules.

How to Apply for ACME Job Application?

Who is Eligible for ACME Job Application?

You will be eligible for the ACME job application if you fulfil the following criteria.

  1. You must be a citizen of the United States and must have a valid SSN with you.
  2. An identity card is a must for making an ACME job application.
  3. Candidates cannot be less than 16-year-old if they want to apply for ACME jobs.
  4. A proper educational background is essential for taking up a job with them. Whatever job position is open, refer to their educational requirement to compare with your educational status.
  5. Background verification is a process that might be run for candidates in some job positions and some special cases.
  6. ACME is not much in favor of hiring any candidate with a criminal background and will run a check in this condition.

Job Positions & Salary

Job positions and salaries vary as per the job role, experience and competency level. It also depends on the shift you have opted for.

Clerks start at $9 per hour and supervisors can get paid somewhere up to $12 per hour. Similarly, every other job role has a different hourly payment structure.

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What are ACME job application requirements?

Application requirements for ACME jobs will need the following;

  1. Attach your resume or CV and cover letter with your application.
  2. Provide educational and experience certificate copies later.
  3. Add identity-related details like an identity card for later.

How to Apply for ACME Job Application?

To apply for the ACME jobs, you will need to review the below steps for better judgement.

  1. Add your name (first and last name), phone number, and email address.
  2. Attach the CV or resume to the application form and then click on the Submit tab.
ACME Job apply

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does ACME hire at 15?

Yes, ACME hires 15-year-old but these individuals but there are minimal positions that a 15-year-old can take up. In ACME, they can only work as baggers. The general standard hiring age is still restricted to 18 years.

Does ACME do background checks?

Background checks are run for applicants after the interview process is over. They would verify basic details alongside your criminal records if any.

Is ACME a good place to work?

ACME is a good place to work and their work culture is rated at 3.59 with a work-life balance at 3.55 and job security stands at 3.13. These numbers are way far higher than many other companies and definitely, that makes ACME a better place to work at.


ACME is a good place to work and many job seekers are finding a good match with them. However, the application requirements and the application procedure are a must know for all. Also, you must essentially know more about other chutzpah surrounding their jobs. This article covers all that you must-know if you wish to get a job for yourself with them and a comfortable career.

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