Elan credit card Login & Pay Bill Payment [2024-Guide]

The name of the Elan credit card will come up in your account in your hard or soft inquiry segment if you have applied for a credit card from them. You can come across this company with these names:

Elan offers different types of credit cards: VISA consumer credit cards, and VISA Business credit cards.

Elan pay

If you have any of the Elan credit cards, you will also need an online account with them. An online account ensures you are always connected to your account for paying your bills at the right time. Not only that, but you can also read your credit card statements and view bills in seconds without any delay.

Credit cards can be classified into five different class types- Platinum, Bonus, Travel, Bonus Rewards Plus, and high-end cash rewards card.

Some essential features to keep in mind when taking their credit card include the below points:

Elan credit card annual fees Credit limit

How to activate Elan’s credit card?

  1. To activate your credit card from Elan, first, log in to your account of that particular bank where you raised a request for a credit card.
  • Once you get online, you can choose the Services tab.
  • Next, choose the card activation tab.
  • Add your credit card details including your credit card number, name, CVV, and expiry.
  • Also, include your SSN.
  • Choose the Activate tab to complete the process from your bank’s site.
  • Alternatively, call 855-274-9934 to activate a prepaid rewards card from Elan.
  • For activating your credit card from Elan, you can also create an account with MyAccountAccess.com.

Next, you will have to register with the credit card account access portal. Finally, try their prompts to complete their activation process.

How to login to Elan credit card Account?

If you want to log in to your Elan credit card account use this link.

Elan credit card account login

If you do not have an online account already, try to create one by pressing the Enroll Now tab.

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You must add your five-digit location code, first and last name, title, and phone number.

Press the Continue tab to complete the registration process.

Elan credit card pay bill

How to pay Elan credit card bill payment?

Elan mail payment

To pay your card bills, you will have to go online and log in to your bank’s page.

  • After signing in to the page, you must go to the Payments tab.
  • Move to the Pay Bill segment.
  • Add your credit card bill and also your current account details in the spaces provided.
  • Once done, press the Pay Bill tab to pass the payment through its secure gateway.

You can also activate the Auto Pay option to make payments recurring.

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Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number

Elan consumer credit card(800) 523-5354
Financial institution clients(972) 677-6000
Business customers(866) 552-8855

For making payments with Elan consumer credit card owners, call (800) 523-5354. For clients of financial institutions, you can give a call to (972) 677-6000. Business customers can give a call to (866) 552-8855. Once you call them, you can use the prompts to make the payments. You can also call a live representative to pay your bills.

Payments can be made through different financial institutions in the United States. You want to pay them by mailing them your billing amount and a check or money order to…

Cardmember Service,
PO Box 6354,
ND- 58125-6354.

How to cancel Elan credit card?

To cancel your Elan credit card you must call the cardmember service number mentioned at the back of your credit card.

You can also contact them by writing a mail to Cardmember Service, PO Box 6354, ND-58125-6354 that you are no longer in need of their credit card services.

Call the credit card number at the back of the credit card
Write to: Cardmember Service, PO Box 6354, ND-58125-6354

Customer Service Number

For consumer credit card services with Elan, call 1-800-558-3424. With Business credit cards from Elan, you must call 1-866-552-8855.


If you have a credit card that comes via Elan Financial Services, you must know all these details to have a better grasp of your credit card services. Keeping customer care numbers at your fingertips is essential and you can refer to this blog for such information.

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